Alcohol Based Disinfectants Market Size & Share, by Product Type (Methyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, N-propyl Alcohol); Application Type (Hand Sanitizers, Clinical Devices, Clinical Surfaces); End-user (Hospitals & Clinics, Households, Residential Washrooms, Industrial Bodies, Research Labs) - Global Supply & Demand Analysis, Growth Forecasts, Statistics Report 2023-2035

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Global Market Size, Forecast, and Trend Highlights Over 2023-2035

Alcohol Based Disinfectants Market size is estimated to surpass USD 8 Billion by the end of 2035, growing at a CAGR of 12% during the forecast period, i.e., 2023-2035. In the year 2022, the industry size of alcohol based disinfectants was over USD 2 Billion. The growth of the market can be attributed to the increasing penetration of alcohol based disinfectants owing to their anti-bacterial and cleansing properties. The rising use in hospitals and household uses is estimated to propel the market growth in the coming years. The rising applications of alcohol based disinfectants as sterilizer is propelling the market growth. As per the reports, more than 35% of adults in the US use disinfectants and other potential cleaning products to improve safety in their houses.

In addition to these, growing applications in commercial and non-commercial applications are estimated to drive market growth. Growing use in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare sectors for cleansing thermometers and other medical equipment to disinfectant after use for each infected patient is estimated to hike the market growth. The increasing risk of occurrence of infections from various bacteria and fungi is estimated to fuel the market growth. Hospital spending in 2021 increased to USD 1300 billion with a growth rate of 6% from 2020.

Alcohol Based Disinfectants Market
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Alcohol Based Disinfectants Sector: Growth Drivers and Challenges

Growth Drivers

  • Growing Awareness Regarding Disinfectants in Various Sectors

Rising awareness regarding the use of alcohol based disinfectants for the improvement of health by regulatory bodies and various brands is accelerating the market growth. The disinfectant industry was worth USD 3 billion in 2021 across the world and is projected to reach USD 4 billion in 2026.

  • Rising Demand in Paint, Cosmetic, and Soap Industries across the World – The use of paints and coatings across the world in 2022 was worth USD 160 billion.
  • Growing Hospitals and Research Laboratories with an Increasing Patient Population – The research and development expenditure in academic institutions in 2020 was estimated to be USD 85 billion across the U.S.
  • Increasing Use in the Agricultural Sector with Increasing Demand for Food Crops – The agriculture, food, and related sectors were
  •  estimated to contribute more than 5% of the gross domestic product in the U. S. in 2021.
  • Increasing the Food and Beverage Industry across the World – The food and drink sector in the United States was worth ~USD 2 billion in total in 2022.


  • Availability and Low Cost of Non- Alcohol Based Disinfectants

The low prices of non-alcohol based disinfectants and the increasing perception of consumers regarding alcohol based disinfectants that they consist of harmful chemical ingredients are hampering the growth of the market. Further, some alcohol based disinfectants have toxic properties which make them dangerous for cleaning personnel and can cause environmental hazards. Hence, these factors are expected to hinder the market growth.

  • Increasing Disruption in the Supply Chain and Production of Raw Materials
  • Growing Skin Irritation, Rashes, and Inflammation owing to the Presence of Chemicals

Alcohol Based Disinfectants Market: Key Insights

Base Year


Forecast Year




Base Year Market Size (2022)

~ USD 2 Billion

Forecast Year Market Size (2035)

~ USD 8 Billion

Regional Scope

  • North America (U.S., and Canada)
  • Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)
  • Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, NORDIC, Rest of Europe)
  • Middle East and Africa (Israel, GCC North Africa, South Africa, Rest of the Middle East and Africa)
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Alcohol Based Disinfectants Segmentation

Product Type (Methyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, N-propyl Alcohol)

The global market of alcohol based disinfectants is segmented and analyzed for demand and supply by product type into methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and N-propyl alcohol. Out of these, the ethyl alcohol segment is estimated to gain the largest market share of about ~28% in the year 2035. The growth of the segment can be attributed to the increasing prevalence of diseases among all age groups. The increasing use of ethyl alcohol for the preparation of disinfectants is rising the market segment growth. The increasing prevalence of infectious diseases such as herpes, influenza virus, vaccinia which are lipophilic and enterovirus, adenovirus, rotavirus, and rhinovirus which include under hydrophilic viruses are estimated to drive the market segment growth. The ethyl alcohol disinfectant can act as a virucidal agent for both hydrophilic and lipophilic viral agents driving the market segment growth. The number of people who suffered from flu in the U.S. during 2010-2020 as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was between 9 million to 41 million with hospitalization of more than 140,000 to 710,000 people and resulted in 12,000 to 52,000 deaths per year.

End-user (Hospitals & Clinics, Households, Residential Washrooms, Industrial Bodies, Research Labs)

The market is also segmented and analyzed for demand and supply by end-user into hospitals & clinics, households, residential washrooms, industrial bodies, research labs, and others. Amongst these segments, the hospitals & clinics segment is expected to garner a significant share of around ~29% in the year 2035. Patients suffering from various diseases or disorders often visit hospitals for treatment, and it is necessary to disinfect the area or beds used by the infected patient. Also, the medical staff, nurses, and other personnel, and types of equipment have to be disinfected to prevent the spread of infection.  The increasing clinical trials on humans for the discovery of vaccines, and other drugs during COVID-19 to decrease the deaths and rising research and development to discover the cure for such pandemic diseases are estimated to propel the market segment growth.

Our in-depth analysis of the global market includes the following segments:

     By Product Type

  • Methyl Alcohol
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • N-propyl Alcohol


     By Application Type

  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Clinical devices
  • Clinical Surfaces
  • Others


     By End-User

  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Industrial Bodies
  • Households
  • Residential Washrooms
  • Research Labs
  • Others


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Alcohol Based Disinfectants Industry - Regional Synopsis

North American Market Forecast

The market share of alcohol based disinfectants in North America, amongst the market in all the other regions, is projected to be the largest with a share of about ~37% by the end of 2035. The growth of the market can be attributed majorly to the increasing alcohol based disinfectants that have a prominent application in various industries. Further, increasing the use of alcohol-based disinfectants in the cosmetic industry, as an efficient preservative to eliminate bacteria is driving the market growth in tis region. According to the estimations, during COVID-19 in the U.S., more than 40% of male and 50% of female consumers spent their money on buying disinfectants as of 2022. Additionally, these disinfectants are added to soaps for moisturizing purposes and to wash away microorganisms. The growth in the soap industry in the region is anticipated to propel the growth of the market over the forecast period. The market for alcohol-based disinfectants in North America is anticipated to hold the leading share owing to the presence of a large number of players in developed countries. Further, the growing emphasis on public health and regulations of high-level disinfectants by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is fostering the demand in the region.

APAC Market Statistics

The Asia Pacific alcohol based disinfectants market is estimated to be the second largest, registering a share of about ~28% by the end of 2035. The growth of the market can be attributed majorly to the increasing research and development institutes for new drug clinical trials. The market in the Asia Pacific region is estimated to be the fastest growing on the account of rising urbanization. In addition, supportive initiatives by the government regarding cleanliness and infection prevention along with the rising disposable income of the people are expected to drive the market growth. The growth of disinfectants in various industrial applications such as medical and cosmetics to kill germs and prevent contamination is accelerating market growth. The rising demand for packed foods and beverages and the rising consumption of unhealthy foods in the region are propelling market growth in the coming years. The growing presence of raw materials and key players in the region is also anticipated to rise the growth opportunities of the market in the region.

Europe Market Forecast

Further, the market in the Europe, amongst the market in all the other regions, is projected to hold a majority of the share by the end of 2035. The growth of the market can be attributed majorly to the increasing programs in residential and commercial sectors for intensive infection prevention methods by enhancing the use of disinfectants. Further, the requirement for a safe environment in medical facilities of the region for contracting illness and the rising influence regarding personal care and healthy lifestyle on social media is fuelling the usage of alcohol-based disinfectants. The emphasis of the government on hygienic environments in emerging economies along with infection control programs in hospitals is spurring market growth in the region. The increasing prevalence of nosocomial infections among people in the region such as urinary tract infections, surgical site infections, and pneumonia owing to unhygienic health practices is estimated to hike the market growth.

Research Nester
Alcohol Based Disinfectants Market  Size
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Companies Dominating the Alcohol Based Disinfectants Landscape


    3M Company

    • Company Overview
    • Business Strategy
    •  Key Product Offerings
    • Financial Performance
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Risk Analysis
    • Recent Development
    • Regional Presence
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Ecolab
    • Reckitt Benckiser Group plc
    • BODE Chemie GmbH
    • DuPont and Dow
    • The Clorox Company
    • Diversey Inc
    • Medline Industries Inc
    • Betco Corporation
    • Zep Inc

In the News

  • Reckitt Benckiser Group plc and Essity together launched the co-branded professional hygiene disinfection products for customers with the power of Dettol, Tork, and Sgrotan brands in four European countries.
  • the government in Indis announced to regulate the production, price, and quality of the alcohol used in the production of hand sanitizers to keep an eye on the prices of sanitizers under the Essential Commodities Act 1955. Further, the consumer affairs ministry had put hand sanitizers under Essential Commodities Act to track these items as they are being used at a large scale during COVID-19.

Author Credits:  Smruti Ranjan, Rajrani Baghel

  • Report ID: 2757
  • Published Date: Apr 24, 2023
  • Report Format: PDF, PPT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Increasing awareness regarding disinfectants, and rising demand in the paint, and cosmetics sector are the major factors driving the market growth.

The market size of alcohol based disinfectants is anticipated to attain a CAGR of 12% over the forecast period, i.e., 2023-2035.

Presence of alternatives and disruption of supply chain are estimated to be the growth hindering factors for the market expansion.

The market in the North American region is projected to hold the largest market share by the end of 2035 and provide more business opportunities in the future.

The major players in the market are 3M Company, Ecolab, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc, BODE Chemie GmbH, DuPont and Dow, The Clorox Company, Diversey Inc, Medline Industries Inc, Betco Corporation, Zep Inc, and others.

The company profiles are selected based on the revenues generated from the product segment, the geographical presence of the company which determines the revenue generating capacity as well as the new products being launched into the market by the company.

The market is segmented by product type, application, end-user, and by region.

The ethyl alcohol segment is anticipated to garner the largest market size by the end of 2035 and display significant growth opportunities.
Alcohol Based Disinfectants Market Report Scope

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