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Research Nester provides consulting based on the client's business and its requirements. Our motive is to not just work as a business consultant with our clients but also as a business partner. We strive and try that our consultants and research methodologies help our clients to stay ahead of the competition in today's dynamic and fast-paced business environment.

We provide customized, efficient, cost-effective, strategic business solutions through our industry in-depth knowledge and experienced business consultants. All data and analysis part is done keeping our client as the main focus to meet the desired results. Our consulting is the best mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to enable our clients to make an effective and strategic decision.

Procurement Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Market Segmentation, Product Positioning, Industry Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Feasibility Study, Expansion Strategy Designing etc. are few of our key areas of expertise.

How do we do it?

Our consultants at Research Nester always follow an out-of-the-box thinking process to help our clients in every possible situation. We combine our clients' objective with existing roadblocks and walk them through business hurdles. Our research methodologies are not just industry generic but specific to the client and their requirements.

What makes us different?

Our strong expertise in different verticals enables us and our business partners to understand the critical situations in today's fast-paced business environment. Our Business model is based on Efficient, Rigorous and Centric model and that makes us Research Nester.

Our expertise spans across verticals such as:
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical Devices
  • Professional Services
  • Semiconductor & Electronics
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Consumer Goods
  • Banking & Financial Services

Business Summary Preparation Consulting Assistance Executive Summary

A well phrased, brief yet informative and well-analyzed business summary is always crucial while presenting your business idea, plan of action, marketing strategy etc. to your potential clients and investors. We, at Research Nester, always go an extra mile to help you present your ideas in a best possible way, clearing your roadblocks for the business expansion plan. Our team always tries to present your business ahead of your competitors by touching each and every possible question that may arise from clients or investors.

Key areas while presenting the executive summary
  • A perfect mix of qualitative and quantitative data and its analysis
  • Extracting the key points crucial to business meeting purpose
  • Mention of market size, Y-O- Y Growth, BCG Matrix
  • Key opportunities areas for business and its obligated line of businesses (LOBs)
  • A sneak peek into market activity

Business Plan Augmentation

Research Nester understands how critical a business plan development could be for any company. By performing the market segmentation and studying the scope that the market can offer to your business, a fortified plan is developed to help you gain grounds even in anticipated troubled market situations.

Why should you choose a strategically designed business plan?
  • Achieve the goals set by the business
  • Attract investors to the business to help 360-degree growth
  • Bridging the communication gap between companies and potential investors
  • Helps in tackling critical situation

Designing a business plan to enter into the new market with existing product, existing market with the new product or new market with the new product is always a key factor that decides the successfulness of the business. The study of consumer behavior towards a particular product or service is always in its shift phase and becomes an important matter of discussion while developing a business plan. By studying the business requirements and market behavior and anticipated growth, our consultants always focus on delivering an actionable business plan for a sustainable long-run market winning.

Market Winning Strategy Development

In today’s dynamic environment, a well-planned marketing strategy is a key to amplify the business’s revenue. There are various marketing key areas that need to be assessed before your product/service enters the market.

What type of marketing mix strategy do we design?
  • Above the Line Marketing (ATL)
  • Below the Line Marketing (BTL)
  • Product Test
  • Market Test
  • Distribution Channel Assessment
  • Partnership Channel Development

Defining the marketing strategy exclusively is one of our key areas of expertise. Depending upon the requirement mentioned by the clients in the market, a marketing plan is developed to touch every point of the product. The plan is further designed in sync with the budget allocated for marketing activity so as to reap maximum benefit out of the designated funds. We believe that performing a marketing strategy in one line is not fruitful. However, it should strategically be a mix of all the marketing activities.

Client Presentation Support

Presenting your ideas in an effective way is the only factor that decides the success of a business meeting with investors or potential customer. Our dedicated team at Research Nester understands how critical a presentation could be for our clients; helping them to focus on every miniscule detail of the information. Our presentations are a fine mix of info-graphics, pie-charts, stack-charts, line graphs, bubble graphs and spreadsheets. Our presentation development is structured in following steps:

  • Market Demand Analysis
  • Solutions Available Analysis
  • Pricing Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Opportunities for Existing and/or New Players
  • Competitor Analysis

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