How an Aerospace Composites Company Tangled with the Fierce Competition & Mitigated through downfall?

An aerospace composites company was established in the field of aerospace, marine, and defense but could not manage and didn’t attain the desired targets., The company hardly survived 2 years but with loss and reached the cusp of closing down the production and the enterprise. As a final attempt at redemption, the company approached Research Nester to help them navigate the issues and get back to a better market position and growth.


An overview:


The company was dealing with the unaware source of backlogs and was unaware of the problem.


The company did not focus on the competitors and was continuously doing the work, without a proper strategy, and as a result, they were not finding the correct audience for the product, revenues, and functionality.


Finally, Research nester analysts helped them identify the problem and suggested solutions that could help the business to stay afloat and navigate through the issues.


Later on, with the advice of Research Nester and experience, the company got on track and became stable.


The Story

The company was working and trying to establish itself in the domain of aerospace, marine, and defense as an aerospace composites enterprise. The company had ambitions but due to the lack of consciousness on the issues which was going into the company, company started to fail. Functionality and the other aspects of the company were not balanced, so the work culture of company was not conscious at all which led the company towards depletion. Another drawback of the company was they were unable to mark their product analysis and market analysis. After some time when the issues seemed to be leading them to further loss, they consulted with the analysts of Research nester and found the solutions which really proved effective for their company and the upcoming growth and development. RNPL analyst suggested them ways to solve the brimming situations of the company that took the enterprise to the door of failure.

Our Solution:

Since the company was focused on aerospace composites and their production, the market was analyzed in-depth for better insights and guidance. Following are some of the suggestions that were presented to the company-

  • The strong analysis and expertise of the RNPL analyst suggested focusing on the target audience, and the right target audience management that collects the revenue which will be a proven factor of growth.
  • The company should always keep an eye on what its competitors are doing so that the idea of growth and development will always stay a prime option.
  • Better marketing strategies were put in place for the revamp of the company.


The aerospace composites company which was established with no strategy was at a loss. The company’s profit value was a mere USD~1 Billion in the year 2020. The company later went on to seek the expert guidance of a Research Nester and maintained a profit growth of USD~10 Billion in the year 2022. RNPL analysts provided a relevant and exact solution to the company and became a factor in the growth and development of the company. This way the company was able to build a prominent market position and create profitable prospects for future growth.


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