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We bring a fresh perspective and infectious energy to every client relationship. Our emphasis on teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverging opinions helps clients focus on their opportunities, build their capabilities and win the future. Together, we achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

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Our organization is fueled by the zest and commitment our leadership and employees bring every single day to work. We approach each client engagement with empathy and pragmatic creativity, helping your business grow and realize the full extent of its capabilities.

Mohit Chauhan

Founder & CEO

Mohit Chauhan is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Research Nester and is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction globally. He has 15+ years of experience into management consulting. Prior to Research Nester, he has been associated with WNS Global Services and Dell. A visionary and unbeatable leader, Mohit has been the pillar of Research Nester success story. In addition to managing the company and framing the overall vision, he is actively involved in brainstorming new and innovative concepts, introducing client development initiatives, and helping the organization accomplish its long- and short-term goals.

Since the beginning of Research Nester, his passion for market research and strategic consulting has been persistent and he has a proven track record of implementing growth strategies, directing strategic transactions and creating value for stakeholders.

Mohit received a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and holds an MBA degree from Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India.

Gaurav Mitra

Co-Founder & Director

Gaurav Mitra is the Co-Founder of Research Nester and is responsible for managing operations globally including the research team, content team and human resource functions. He has more than 10 years of experience into market research industry. Gaurav is responsible for helping clients in their journeys in strategy, sales and marketing and is involved in providing sustainable solutions to them. He and his team assist the clients across verticals such as healthcare and life sciences, chemicals and advanced materials, energy and natural resources, industrial automation and technology. A growth oriented corporate professional with broad experience in market research and project management in Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa, Gaurav is a strong believer of innovative solutions with significant emphasis on formulating customized results to accommodate the client needs and expectations.

Gaurav received a bachelor’s degree in Economics Honours and holds an MBA degree from J.K. Organisation.

Swara Keni

Head- Global Business Development

Swara Keni is the Business Development Head of Research Nester and is responsible for Business Expansion and Strategic Growth. She has more than 10 years of experience in Sales & Customer Service for Hospitality, IT & Market Research Industry. Swara is responsible for creating development plans, forecasting revenue, and analyzing growth projections internally combined with assisting clients in identifying market opportunities through meetings, networking, and other channels. With a remarkable blend of creativity, perseverance, and strategic acumen, she has consistently delivered exceptional outcomes for our organization and clients. Her unwavering dedication to identifying opportunities, nurturing client relationships and spearheading expansion efforts has significantly contributed to the company's success. Swara is on a mission to innovate, thrive and excel with her conceptual & interpersonal skills.

She works closely with the Research, Operations & Marketing departments to drive the organization’s business development, enhance its current portfolio, and explore new business opportunities. Swara’s expertise is in creating tailored and mutually beneficial partnership with clients globally by gaining a deep understanding of their unique needs, objectives, and challenges. By doing so, she is crafting custom solutions, ensuring seamless communication, and proactively identifying opportunities to enhance the value our clients received from our services. Her ability to forge strong, lasting relationships means that you'll have a trusted advocate in your corner, consistently seeking to align our offerings with your evolving requirements.

Abhishek Bhardwaj

Vice President, Growth and Strategy

Abhishek Bhardwaj, Vice President at Research Nester, brings over 15 years of expertise in the market research and strategic consulting domain. His visionary leadership drives global organizations towards growth and innovation, providing clients with research insights and strategic guidance. His knack for identifying untapped market opportunities has empowered Research Nester to deliver groundbreaking solutions that fuel business expansion. He is dedicated to elevating research excellence and strategic counsel. His extensive experience includes pivotal roles at esteemed firms like Avalon Global Research, Phronesis Partners, KPMG Global Services, and Evalueserve from 2008 to 2023.

Abhishek received a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Planning and Management.

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