How does a company in the
field of PCB design overcome competitive analysis

A company through immense hard work in the field of PCB design and stack-up. was able to reach a large number of potential customers with the assistance of Research Nester, a leading consultancy.


The Story

The company to make its products flexible so that they could be used in every other electronics, made advancements in their technology. They tried reducing the size of PCB since smartphones are getting thinner. Hence more consumer electronics manufacturers were seen availing of the benefits. Also, the launch of various technology such as wearable devices brought in more opportunities for The company. They were able to reach a large number of industries and collaborated with them. Moreover, the latest technology was employed in designing PCB. However, manufacturing cost was the biggest concern for the organization. But since the quality provided by the company was extravagant, industries were willing to employ their products.

To take a step closer to PCB design and stack-up, the company contacted Research Nester, one of the top service providers that specialize in strategic market research and consulting. Within a span of 10 years, the company launched technology to design PCB stack-up design. They were able to satisfy the demand of changing market environment. However cyber security was still a threat to the PCB design and stack-up, but as the demand for electronics was highest in the market, the company was able to reach a large number of customers. With knowledge of the major market participants globally and analysis of consumer experiences, Research Nester collaborated with the company to concentrate on brand research for PCB design and stack-up. Research Nester, assembled 10 market players and analyzed them. They tried to understand the competitive environment and learned the changing preference of the customers.

Future Growth Prospectus

In its research, the Research Nester team anticipated the expansion of PCB design and stack-up and stack-up for the years 2019-2021, which served as a road plan for the company. The forecast created lofty objectives, one of which was to find a way to reduce the size of PCB. As customers responded well to these new tactics, the company was able to increase its utilization.


Challenges to be faced:

A challenge in and of itself is taking the initiative to introduce something new to the market. As a result of its interaction with Research Nester, the company learned about the difficulties it would have while breaking into the international market for PCB design and stack-up. When the obstacles are anticipated, overcoming them becomes very simple.



Successfully, launched the product and was able to distribute their service in every corner of the world, hence then acquiring the top position in the market.


Develop 10 years plan to cover a wide range of PCB design and stack-up tactics.


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