How a Food Safety Testing Company can manage its Financial Liquidity to Ensure the Group?

The leading food safety testing company had entered into a number of loan and credit facility agreements to ensure that the Group had adequate financial liquidity to respond quickly to strategic opportunities. The company is unable to obtain loans and credit from a reliable counterparty. The company executives came to Research Nester for assistance in locating solutions.


An overview:


A well-known French food safety testing company with a significant market share desired to upgrade and increase its market value in the industry.


The company aimed to increase its market share by 15% by the end of 2022 and become the industry leader.


Research Nester's consulting services for macroeconomic analysis helped in identifying the reliable country party to obtain credit facility agreements and obtain loans. This made it possible to create a flawless plan for increasing financial liquidity, ensuring that the Group can react quickly to strategic opportunities in the workplace and provide customers with state-of-the-art food testing services.


The Story

The company is a prominent specialist in food safety testing, employing a wide range of cutting-edge analytical procedures to help its customers meet strict quality and safety standards. The Group has developed a global network of food safety testing laboratories to ensure food safety, composition, traceability, authenticity, origin, and quality. As a result, the company offers the widest range of food safety testing laboratories through optimized operations, logistics, and information technology. Despite all this, the business was having trouble controlling its finances by securing credit and loans from a dependable counterparty. The company consulted Research Nester analysts to assist it in developing a financial management strategy. Research Nester noticed that the company had taken a lot of financial loans in the last few years. Additionally, different types of food industries invested in food safety testing companies to test the quality of their foods. The team found the following methods of avoiding liquidity risk -

  • Counterparty
  • Future Capital Requirements
  • Interest Rate
  • Foreign Currency

Due to the advent of the food industry, the company was incapable of getting financial loans and credit. This was also causing a drop in demand for the product.

Our Solution:

Research Nester used its macroeconomic analysis consulting services solution and found various notable food safety testing markets that were incorporated, but not our client’s. Hence, it was needed that our client incorporates those food industries to get the financial loan and credits by these methods:

  • Borrowing Foreign Currency
  • Maintaining Interest Rate
  • Maintaining Future Capital Requirements
  • Finding a large Counterparty


With the utilization of the macroeconomic analysis consulting services solution, Research Nester measured the company’s current economic scenario in the industry. Our analysts understood where the company was lagging behind and provided the company with an effective strategy to gain new financial liquidity, which the company was not following to be on track. This helped the company upgrade its financial credit and product delivery strategies. Further, the company could raise its market share to 80% during CY2022 from its earlier share of 60% in CY2021. The company also raised the demand for the product by 20%.


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