Professional Skin Care Products

Unravelling the Huge Potential of the Market

There are numerous options to opt for the skin care products. Whether it’s a moisturizer, cleanser, toner, serum, or exfoliator, people are purchasing these products to get an impeccable skin. It has been estimated that approximately 63% of the millennial consumers in the USA, take their skin care routine very seriously. Professional products consist of the ingredients which are effective than the traditional products in the market. These are full of exfoliating properties and nutrients to magnify the texture of the skin. Moreover, in this blog we will discuss what is considered a professional skin care products market analysis.

What is considered as professional skin care products?

The professional skin care products are sold for the skin clinics, spas, or the physician’s offices. Some of factors which differentiate these factors from normal or over the counter products are:

  • 1- The professional skin care products go through extensive clinical testing.
  • 2- These products are made up in minute batches and allow better quality control.
  • 3- The quality of the used ingredients is generally higher. In fact, these products have a higher percentage of the active ingredients.
  • 4- These products are fabricated to be only used by the authenticated and licensed aestheticians and physicians. These physicians have years of experience and immense understanding of the hair or skin and its function.
  • 5- The professional skin care products do not consist of the additives such as colors, fragrances, or preservatives.

Whereas over the counter skin care products are designed to be produced for mass. These over the counter products consists of preservatives to allow for shipping and manufacturing times. In fact, they have lower ratio of the active ingredients because they are designed to work on most of the population.

How professional skin care products benefits-

Let us look at the benefits which are offered by the professional skin care products. Professionals find out the type, requirement, health conditions, and health issue of the skin or scalp and apply products on that basis. This will help the user suggest professional skin care products specific to the skin type.

1- Created specifically for the professional setting

These professional skin care products are available in the well qualified spas or spas and wellness industries.

2- Often directed and founded by industry professionals

Numerous products sold at the spas have been developed by the physicians and dermatologists. This simply means that the user is getting product from the experience of the professionals

3- Stronger ingredients

The professional skin care companies maintain the integrity of the ingredient by producing in very small batches. This allows the producers to focus on the quality of the ingredients going into the products. Here is a glimpse of the different types of professional skin care treatments and the benefits of using professional skin care products:


Some of the exemplary products from a company named Balance Spa, such as Demalogica and Circadia-

1- Dermalogica – These are personalized functional cosmetics and professionally recommended from various therapist.

2- Circadia- The product was founded by Dr. Pugliese, who is practitioner with over 40 years of experience.

Some other top professional skin care products in the market-

  • 1- Lotus phyto RX daily deep cleansing face wash
  • 2- Coccoon silk appeal cleansing oil
  • 3- Oxylife professional facial kit
  • 4- Ragga professional fairness kit
  • 5- Lotus herbals professionals skin brightening and clarifying essence
  • 6- Lotus professional RX ultra-protect sunblock

The rising usage of the body lotions and creams for enhancing the healthy skin. Furthermore, the rising potential of the e-commerce market is also expected to play a prominent role in the growth of the professional skin care market. Moreover, the different innovations in this domain have also resulted in a rising demand for these skin care products. The other prominent reason is that these professional skin care market cater various skin problems like scars, burns, patchy skin, dry skin, itchy, and other skin conditions. There has been rising awareness regarding the importance of using skin care products. The professional skin care market can be categorized on the basis of product type, on the basis of application, price range, basis of nature, basis of end user, basis end user, and the distribution channel. The global professional skin care market garnered USD 12500 million in the year 2022 and it is forecasted to be worth USD 16000 million by the year 2030 with a CAGR of 4% during the forecasted period.

Some prominent companies: -

1- Loreal SA

2- Unilever

3- Procter & Gamble

4- Beiersdorf Global

5- Johnson & Johnson

6- New Avon Company

7- Colgate Palmolive company

8- Clarins


In a nutshell,

The professional skin care products market holds numerous opportunities for business. Although, it is always advisable to know the intricacies of the market. Research Nester has recently published a report incorporating all the crucial parameters of the market. An in-depth knowledge about the market make capable of investing the correct region and therefore garners more profit.

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