Customer Experience Management - Top 5 Consumer Products Trends in 2023 & Beyond

Consumer products trend changing the methods of customer experience management

The customer experience is the preference of the customer for a specific good or service. The success of the product totally rests on the customer's experience thus, customer experience management is crucial as a result. It is stated that the company could garner about 11% to 16% more revenue with the adoption of CX. Customer experience management, or CXM, is a program that focuses on customer interaction, their experience, and their degree of happiness.

Importance of Customer Experience Management

  • Aims to improve customer loyalty

    Customer experience management helps the organization in creating relevant and memorable interactions with customers. Hence, this develops customers’ emotional connection toward products or services. Therefore, they tend to become more loyal to the organization and further influence other people to consider products from that particular brand.

  • Rise in sales

    Furthermore, customer experience management also aims at increasing revenue. Loyal customers would prefer purchasing goods every day from that same organization which has to privatize maintaining a connection with the customer with the help of customer experience management.

  • Reduce customer churn

    When a large number of customers refuse to purchase from the organization it is considered as customer churn. This could further make the organization lose profits. Hence, in order to avoid this, the need for customer experience management is growing.


However, the need to evolve the traditional method of customer experience management has become necessary. A large number of organizations are rethinking evolving customer experience management since COVID-19 had made customers more selective in their decision of purchasing goods. In a survey carried out on 362 firms, about 79 percent of companies claim they offer excellent customer service. However, only approximately 7% of clients agree to their claims. Hence, the need to understand the urge to change their system of managing customer experience is necessary. Moreover, customers are realizing that the use of internet has made their daily routine efficient. As a result, the organization are expected to keep this point in mind while changing the method of managing customer experience.

These are few customer products trend which is projected to change the method of managing customer experience

  • Automation of Customer Experience Management

    Robotic process automation (RPA), additionally referred to as customer experience automation (CXA), is a part of RPA. Automation of the complete customer journey, from acquisition through engagement throughout the full customer lifecycle, is the primary objective of customer experience automation, which go beyond marketing automation. However, about 57% of customers worldwide stated that they feel more secure speaking to a person than a robot in March/April 2022. This compares to approximately 18% interacting with an automated bot on a company's website in 2022. Hence, it is necessary for the organization to keep both factors in consideration to make customer experience management effective.

  • Control the scroll

    Customers find it annoying when there are too many options offered and they must browse for a long time. Customers find themselves compelled to eliminate many of applications as a result. As a result, businesses must improve their websites to give customers exactly what they demand. This could be done with the adoption of image recognition software.

  • Eco Economies

    For corporations, maintaining both environmental sustainability and satisfying customer experiences is essential, and a strategic strategy is needed. However according to management study, it's still difficult for companies to put such a plan into practice. However, companies are attempting to concentrate on both issues by fusing them together which includes satisfying customer and also focusing on green environment. In fact, large number of customers prefer green products. In consequences, when the company focuses on green initiatives a large number of customers are driven towards them. Hence, this would further boost the market growth of the organization.

  • Game on

    Gamification, which is typically a motivational strategy incorporating video game components, including digital points and digital badges, has grown as a result of recent technological breakthroughs, providing non-monetary incentives a boost in every aspect of human existence. Gamification is also applied in retailing, which is a novel way to use game elements in an environment other than gaming. The consumer's interest is captured through gamification in online purchasing. Gamification is anticipated to make the process of shopping more fun, hence making customers more loyal.

  • Growing Young Population

    Gen Z or the young population has a huge influence on customer experience. Gen Z has high utilization of social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Hence, this factor has given an opportunity to the organization to create influencing marketing strategies. Hence, this would help in building trust among the young generation without spending more. Therefore, further improving the experience of young customers.

How government are implementing customer experience management?

  • Investing in cloud

    Many essential government processes, technologies, and customer service centers rely on outmoded, dispersed on-premise technology that limits flexibility and speed. Thus, this eventually lowers the citizen’s experience regarding their services, consequently, influencing the adoption of the cloud in this sector.

  • Smart self-services

    Customers often try to solve issues on their own and only ask for assistance after trying every possible course of action. According to NICE's 2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Report, about 84% of customers turn to Google as their initial port of contact for customer assistance, and approximately 79% desire additional self-help alternatives. Hence, governments of different nations are working to modernize their CX. They are launching well-designed digital self-service options which would help clients through contact centers while minimizing wait time.

Recent trends in customer experience management

Chatbot is changing the whole way how the business operates. Businesses are unable to learn client preferences quickly due to the traditional approach to customer communication. Currently, about 25% of enterprises provide AI- and chatbot-guided self-serve, and approximately 24% have plans to begin doing it shortly, globally. Also, customer needs quick services that chatbot could provide, therefore giving the customer an excellent experience. Moreover, nearly 73% of consumer questions may be resolved with the utilization of AI chatbots without the need for human agents. As a result, the pressure on skilled agents is reduced as chatbot has proved its capability of providing answers, that customer needs to hear. Additionally, customers are increasingly using a wide range of channels to communicate with companies, including phone, email, social media, and messaging services including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Regardless of what channel or device they're using, people expect discussions to flow smoothly across platforms so they are able to pick up where they left off. Hence, chatbot provides that to the customer further improving their experience.

Customer Experience Management Market Outlook

The market for customer experience management is set to grow at a rate of 15.30% over the forecast period, i.e. 2023-2035. Further, this sector is estimated to gather revenue of about USD 64.14 Billion by the end of 2035.


Still, the new trend of customer experience management is not highly adopted. Not a large number of organizations afford the adoption of modern methods. Also, the government finds it expensive to invest in the method of customer experience management. However, digital transformation is growing all around the world and to sustain competition the need to adopt the modern approach to satisfying customers is growing. This new generation is customer orientation and therefore this has become a necessity for the organization to become digitalized. It is believed that customers interact with the brand at an emotional level hence, companies are focusing on making customers happy. The emotions are developed among customers by comprising the right individuals, systems, and technology infrastructure. Furthermore, consumers' expectations have changed, making the market extremely competitive. Innovation has made it necessary for companies to go above and beyond for their customers.

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