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Will Cryptocurrency

Replace Traditional Currency?

Currency available in digital format is known as a digital currency. The transaction of these currencies only takes place through computers and smart wallets with a connection to the internet or designated networks. Further, digital currency is distinguished between cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). However, among these currencies, cryptocurrencies are the most popular. The average percentage of people who possess cryptocurrencies worldwide as of 2023 is anticipated to be about 3%, with more than 419 million users. Every digital currency has its own features but the popularity of cryptocurrencies lies in its ability to make faster transactions even over the countries’ borders.

What makes cryptocurrencies more

Advantageous Than Traditional Currencies ?

Cryptocurrencies make the transaction easy. In the case of traditional currencies, the financial institution acts as an intermediate for the transaction between the sender and receiver. However, in the case of cryptocurrencies, the process takes place directly between the sender and receiver without any middlemen. Also, in many cases, the financial institution system has various technical issues which restrict the transactions but this is not in the case of cryptocurrencies. Hence, cryptocurrencies eliminate every issue with existing banking.

Factors Influencing Purchase of Cryptocurrencies

  • Inflation Owing the inflation, the value of the currency tends to fall. Hence, it is believed that cryptocurrency would protect one from inflation. Bitcoin puts a hard limit on the total number of coins that can ever be created. For instance, the price of Bitcoin is going to spike when the money supply grows faster than the supply of Bitcoin does. The identical strategy is used by a number of cryptocurrencies to control supply and prevent inflation.
  • Decentralization A brand-new decentralization model of money is represented by cryptocurrencies. They additionally help in eliminating currency monopolies and liberating money from government control. Crypto aficionados believe the fact that no governmental bodies can decide the value of a currency or a flow makes cryptocurrencies safe and secure to use.
  • Safe & Secure The funds are always safe in the crypto wallet since it is locked by a private key. However, the key needs to be kept safe, once lost or forgotten the money can’t be recovered. Additionally, a distributed system of computing devices that verifies the transactions and blockchain technology work together to safeguard the transactions. Keeping cryptocurrency holdings in individual wallets increases security.
  • Cost-effective transaction With the help of cryptocurrencies, the transaction can take place globally. Further, the amount required for the transaction is minimal or zero which is why it is most preferred.

What are the Different types of Cryptocurrencies?

  • Ether Cryptocurrency that operates on Ethereum blockchain is known as ether. Smart contracts and other decentralized apps may be created on the Ethereum platform using blockchain technology. Moreover, Ethereum is a software development sandbox as well as a cryptocurrency (the actual currencies are measured in units called Ether).
  • Bitcoin One of the first decentralized cryptocurrencies to facilitate transactions and payment with the utilization of blockchain technology is Bitcoin. The blockchain of Bitcoin operates as a public ledger for every transaction in the history of Bitcoin. This substitutes the need for a central bank that controls the amount of money in an economy (such as the Federal Reserve working with the U.S. Department of the Treasury) or independent parties to confirm transactions.
  • Tether Tether is a stablecoin, a rapidly growing category of cryptocurrencies that strives to preserve the value of its tokens by frequently connecting them to the value of a conventional currency.
  • Binance Coin Exchange platform such as Binance cryptocurrency consists availability of Binance coin with various other coins. Although it may be used as an instrument of payment, Binance coin additionally allows tokens that may be utilized to cover exchange costs and power Binance's DEX (decentralized exchange) for the creation of apps.

Recent Trend in Cryptocurrencies

  • Growing trend of meme coins The popularity of meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu has been growing significantly among cryptocurrency fans. However, despite the fact that these coins' value and appeal are falling, thus, new, improved, and fascinating meme currencies are appearing every day.
  • Launch of DeeLance & Metropoly DeeLance (DLANCE) represents a Web3 network that is totally decentralized and enables people to discover jobs and compete fair in the labor market. A site to apply for jobs, a dimension where one may present your talents or position and schedule interviews, and lastly the NFT marketplace makes up the entire platform. Metropoly is another type of cryptocurrency initiative that has also altered how NFTs are used. A new cryptocurrency initiative that will enable users to make investments not only in cryptocurrency but additionally in real estate utilizing NFTs. Investors may get involved in the multi-trillion-dollar real estate sector through an investment in Metropoly.
  • Growing popularity of eco-friendly projects such as eco terra Globally, numerous companies and governments are addressing climate change as their top objective, and this development has implications for the cryptocurrency market as well. Eco-friendly cryptocurrency initiatives urging people to contribute to the fight to combat global climate change have had significant success in the past few months. This trend will undoubtedly continue in the future.
  • Surge in popularity of RobotEra A cryptocurrency project called The RobotEra (TARO) links the gaming industry to the intriguing world of cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, and play-to-earn games. Players in the game must rebuild the wrecked planet Taro using robot avatars that they may customize and then sell as their own property, just like in Decentraland, one of the most well-known P2E games.

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Non-Invasive Imaging Technology Limitations

A region such as Africa, Asia Pacific, and South America has been seeing the largest adoption of cryptocurrencies. In Asia, India, Vietnam, and Pakistan the trend of cryptocurrencies is on surge. In Indonesia, about 40% of respondents between November 2021 and February 2022 owned cryptocurrency. In contrast, approximately 17% of Australian respondents who were polled in 2022 claimed they owned cryptocurrencies. This is since the Asia Pacific nation is advancing its financial technology significantly. Moreover, Japan has been seen advancing its financing ecosystem along with South Korea which is the influencing factor for the growth of the market in this entire region.



Yet, cryptocurrencies are not that popular. However, with the growing population of youth large investment is expected to be made in this. The trend of cryptocurrencies is popular among the youth. Also, over the past few decades, the prevalence of recession and economic difficulties has grown which has lost the trust of the young generation. Till now, there has been four biggest recession recorded which brought huge unemployment and poverty. Hence, the young generation believes in investing in digital assets that are in financial institutions.

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