Disconnect Switch Market Size & Share, by Application (Industrial, Residential, Commercial); Voltage (Low, Medium, High); Type (Fused, Non-Fused); Mount (Panel, DIN Rail) - Global Supply & Demand Analysis, Growth Forecasts, Statistics Report 2024-2036

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Global Market Size, Forecast, and Trend Highlights Over 2024 - 2036

Disconnect Switch Market size is poised to surpass USD 28 Billion by the end of 2036, growing at a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period, i.e., 2024-2036. In the year 2023, the industry size of disconnect switch was USD 16 Billion. The reason behind the growth is impelled by the growing demand for electricity across the globe owing to the increasing population and economic growth. For instance, over the past 50 years, global power consumption has increased steadily, and in 2022, it reached around 25,400 terawatt-hours. Moreover, the average global household's use of energy will increase by over 72% between 2021 and 2050, driven primarily by the developing countries' expanding economies.

The growing launch of new products is believed to fuel the disconnect switch market growth. For instance, in October 2023 Littelfuse, Inc. an industrial technology manufacturing company introduced the Class J Fuse Disconnect Switch to provide a safer alternative to manual circuit opening and closing while safeguarding numerous applications across a range of sectors, and improving worker safety.

Disconnect Switch Market
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Disconnect Switch Sector: Growth Drivers and Challenges

Growth Drivers

  • Usage of Disconnect Switch in Vehicles – Installing battery disconnect switches is the same as installing a complete relay system in the vehicle which has two detachable keys included that aid in preventing battery drain when maintaining and storing automobiles or trucks.
  • Growing Aerospace Industry- The autopilot disconnect switch, or AP disconnect switch, is a crucial part found in the cockpit of an airplane that is used to activate or deactivate the autopilot system.
  • Increasing Application in Railway- Disconnect switches are used in all electrified railway applications and are significantly more prevalent in light rail systems since it is less expensive to produce use less energy, and carry out power conversions by efficient hardware systems at substations.
  • Surging Need for Workers Safety in Industries- Disconnect switches give the ability to safeguard personnel from potentially harmful power surges or variations by completely shutting off the circuit.


  • Stringent Safety Regulations – Disconnect switches need to meet a set of requirements to guarantee correct design and operation such as the OSHA regulations according to which the disconnecting method must be within line of sight, there must be heavy-duty motor-rated, and all disconnect switches must be lockable. Besides this, according to the National Electrical Code (NEC), every motor or piece of manufacturing equipment must have a safety switch visible from it, including the enclosure's protection against live parts and the contact position's clear indication, and must be visible in 50 feet or less of the equipment.
  • Challenges associated with the adoption of new technology may limit innovations
  • Environmental concerns may drive the adoption of other sustainable solutions

Disconnect Switch Market: Key Insights

Base Year


Forecast Year




Base Year Market Size (2023)

~ USD 16 Billion

Forecast Year Market Size (2036)

~ USD 28 Billion

Regional Scope

  • North America (U.S., and Canada)
  • Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)
  • Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, NORDIC, Rest of Europe)
  • Middle East and Africa (Israel, GCC North Africa, South Africa, Rest of the Middle East and Africa)
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Disconnect Switch Segmentation

Type (Fused, Non-Fused)

The fused segment in disconnect switch market is estimated to gain a robust revenue share of about 65% in the coming years. The only disconnect switches with fuses are fused ones, a multi-functional device that combines short circuit and overcurrent protection with a switch to disconnect the circuit to offer a dependable means of turning off the power when necessary. High-voltage machines are the ideal applications for fused disconnect switches, which can be used locally for manual motor controllers throughout the line, or general-purpose disconnects, and can also function effectively in large installations as well, where several components need to be unplugged at the same time. There are additional benefits to a fused disconnect such as they can precisely monitor large power demands and one of the main benefits is that they adhere to NEC code requirements, and are the most affordable, straightforward, and industry-compliant solution out of all of them. Moreover, owing to the fusible element in fused disconnect switches, which melt in the event of an overcurrent, they are far safer than circuit breakers and have a high ampere interrupting capacity.

In addition, non-fused disconnect switches are made to break and form electrical circuits which have a wide range of domestic and commercial uses and are also utilized in a lot of industrial scenarios since they are more practical, less costly, and easier to use in comparison to their fused counterparts. Since they are certified as manual motor controllers, non-fuse disconnects switches function better even in the most demanding applications and make it possible to unplug large machinery and equipment from the power source for emergency stops and maintenance and repair tasks.

Voltage (Low, Medium, High)

The low segment in disconnect switch market is set to garner a notable share shortly. Low voltage disconnect switches cover both AC and DC power supplies and act as a safety measure to keep the battery from draining by automatically cutting off the load attached to a battery if the battery voltage drops too low. In addition, a high-voltage air break disconnector switch is a mechanical switching device that combines state-of-the-art technology with the highest quality standards for a voltage range from 36 kV to 800 kV which can be manually and remotely operated and is used in electrical substations to allow isolation of apparatus such as circuit breakers, transformers, and transmission lines. Furthermore, a disconnect switch with a voltage range of 3 to 36 kV is known as a medium voltage disconnect switch that is installed to provide a secure primary disconnect for medium-voltage electrical systems.

Our in-depth analysis of the global disconnect switch market includes the following segments:


  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


  • Fused
  • Non-Fused


  • Panel
  • DIN Rail

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Disconnect Switch Industry - Regional Synopsis

North American Market Forecast

Disconnect switch market in North America is predicted to account for the largest revenue share of 45% by 2036 impelled by the growing adoption of renewable energy sources. In the US, renewable energy is the energy source that is expanding the fastest and has enabled drastically lower emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. According to estimates, by 2024, renewable energy is expected to increase by over 1 100 GW overall, which is equal to the US's entire electrical capacity.

In addition, there's no denying that the US needs new transmission infrastructure therefore, spending on essential enabling infrastructure is necessary to hasten the transition to a sustainable energy sector. For instance, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced on October 2023, that over USD 3 billion would be allocated to 58 projects in more than 40 states to enhance the resilience and stability of the nation's electric grid. This may lead to an increase in demand for disconnect switches in the region.

European Market Statistics

The Europe disconnect switch market is estimated to be the second largest, revenue share during the forecast period, led by rapid urbanization. Europe is one of the most urbanized regions in the world, and the vast majority of its citizens already reside there. For instance, by 2050, Europe's urbanization rate is projected to reach over 83%.

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Disconnect Switch Market Size
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Companies Dominating the Disconnect Switch Landscape

    • Siemens AG
      • Company Overview
      • Business Strategy
      • Key Product Offerings
      • Financial Performance
      • Key Performance Indicators
      • Risk Analysis
      • Recent Development
      • Regional Presence
      • SWOT Analysis
    • Schneider Electric SE
    • Mersen S.A.
    • Havells India Ltd.
    • General Electric Company
    • Eaton Corporation
    • Driescher Gmbh
    • Delixi Electric Co. Ltd.
    • Crompton Greaves Limited
    • ABB Ltd.
    •  Littelfuse Inc.
    • Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc


In The News

  • Siemens AG announced the launch of RUGGEDCOM RST2428P: a secure, high-port density advanced switching platform to offer networks under challenging conditions, such as those found in oil and gas plants, transportation, or electric power, and support larger data volumes and upgrade to networking and cybersecurity technologies that are ready for the future without having to make expensive upgrades.
  • Schneider Electric SE introduced a VisiPacT heavy-duty safety switch, to offer a secure method of disconnecting, and to give clients a better solution that takes care of their long-term isolation and power supply demands in both commercial and industrial environments.

Author Credits:  Payel Roy, Dhruv Bhatia

  • Report ID: 5714
  • Published Date: Feb 21, 2024
  • Report Format: PDF, PPT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The growing demand for electricity across the globe and the growing launch of new products are the major factors driving the growth of the market.

The market size of disconnect switch is anticipated to attain a CAGR of 6% over the forecast period, i.e., 2024 - 2036.

The major players in the market are Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc, ABB Ltd., Crompton Greaves Limited, Delixi Electric Co. Ltd., Driescher Gmbh, Eaton Corporation., General Electric Company, Havells India Ltd., Siemens AG, Schneider Electric SE, Mersen S.A., Littelfuse Inc, and others.

The fused segment is anticipated to garner the largest market size by the end of 2036 and display significant growth opportunities.

The market in the North American region is projected to hold the largest market share by the end of 2036 and provide more business opportunities in the future.
Disconnect Switch Market Report Scope

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