Automotive Sunroof Market

Analysis by Product Type (In-Built, Panoramic, and Folding Pop-Up); by Material Type (Glass, and Fabric); by Vehicle Type {Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), and Electric}; and by Distribution Channel {Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Aftermarket} – Global Supply & Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2023-2033

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Report ID: 4622 | Published On: Feb 27, 2023
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Global Automotive Sunroof Market Size, Forecast, and Trend Highlights Over 2023 - 2033

The global automotive sunroof market is estimated to garner a revenue of ~USD 20 billion by the end of 2033 by growing at a CAGR of ~10% over the forecast period, i.e., 2023 – 2033. Furthermore, the market generated a revenue of ~USD 5 billion in the year 2022. The growth of the market is primarily attributed to the growing trends of sunroofs in vehicles worldwide, along with the increasing penetration of solar sunroofs in electric vehicles. For instance, the global automotive sunroof sales figure stood at around 50 million units in 2021. Further, the growth of the market can be attributed to the rising innovation in glass technology, along with the growing demand for safety features such as airbags, antilock brakes, and comfort in a vehicle across the globe, are also expected to add to the market growth over the forecast period.

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In addition to these, factors that are believed to fuel the market growth of automotive sunroofs include the significant rise in the adoption of SUVs in emerging nations, which is estimated to drive market growth at a substantial level. For instance, in India, the SUV category has seen significant growth in recent years, as the contribution rebounded to nearly 42% in 2021–22 from 18%, with the growth rate still increasing.  Besides this, the soaring trend in auto manufacturers to provide the feature of an automobile sunroof in passenger cars, and the surging introduction of new vehicle models with an added feature of the sunroof is further estimated to propel the growth of the market over the forecast period. Moreover, with the recent advancements in automotive infrastructure as well as growing investments, the supply of sunroofs is on the rise by the automotive manufacturers, which in turn, is expected to create massive revenue generation opportunities for the key players of the global automotive sunroof market during the forecast period. For instance, as per the estimation, the worldwide transport infrastructure is needed an investment of approximately USD 2 trillion by 2040.  Additionally, a significant innovation in glass technology along with the increasing demand for features such as comfort, and safety are some further factors that are estimated to propel the growth of the market over the upcoming decades.

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Global Automotive Sunroof Market: Key Insights

Base Year


Forecast Year




Base Year Market Size (2022)

~ USD 5 Billion

Forecast Year Market Size (2033)

~ USD 20 Billion

Regional Scope

  • North America (U.S., and Canada)
  • Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)
  • Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, NORDIC, Rest of Europe)
  • Middle East and Africa (Israel, GCC North Africa, South Africa, Rest of the Middle East and Africa)

Global Automotive Sunroof Market: Growth Drivers and Challenges

Growth Drivers

  • Rising Demand for Cars with Sunroofs – A sunroof lets in more natural light than what the regular glass area would provide. Also, sunroofs always come with a sunblind and have a tint to prevent the cabin from heating up too much. With the rising demand for vehicles with sunroofs, the global automotive sunroof market is forecasted to escalate in the projected period. For instance, it was found that in 2022, nearly 50% of the vehicles produced in China are equipped with sunroofs.

  • An Upsurge in the Sale of Luxury Vehicles - Better performance abilities, higher levels of convenience, technology, high-quality interiors, and brand-new safety and technology are all included in luxury vehicles. Such vehicles are gaining more popularity among individuals owing to these all features, which is further estimated to boost the market growth during the projected time frame. For instance, in the United States, the share of new vehicles sold by luxury brands in June 2022, accounted for nearly 17%

  • Worldwide Growing Demand for Autonomous Cars - The number of self-driving cars having at least Level 1 autonomy (driver assistance) is expected to increase by almost 54 million by 2024 across the globe.

  • Increasing Investment in Automotive Research & Development (R&D) – For instance, Japan’s investment in automotive R&D reached approximately USD 39 billion in 2020.

  • Worldwide Proliferation in the Production of Passenger Cars – For instance, over 59 million passenger cars were manufactured globally in 2021.


  • Possibility of Glass Shattering - Several factors come into play when it comes to analyzing the causes of a shattered sunroof. A sunroof is projected to crack and finally shatter as a result of projectile damage. Furthermore, a flying rock, a particle of gravel, a branch, roadside debris, or an object that flies off another vehicle are all instances of this. Hence, this factor is estimated to hinder the growth of the market during the coming years.
  • Concern Regarding Turbulence Affecting the Car's Aerodynamics
  • High Cost of Replacement and Repairs

Market Segmentation

The global automotive sunroof market is segmented and analyzed for demand and supply by vehicle type segment into internal combustion engine (ICE), and electric. Out of these two types of segments, the electric segment is anticipated to garner the largest revenue by the end of 2033, backed by the growing number of electric vehicles, along with the surge in the sales of plug-in electric vehicles worldwide. For instance, it was found that the global sale of plug-in electric light vehicles (PEV) topped around 6.5 million units in 2021. Furthermore, the rise in the technological advancement in electric vehicles is another key factor that is anticipated to drive the market growth further over the projected time frame.

The global automotive sunroof market is also segmented and analyzed for demand and supply by material type into glass, and fabric. Amongst these two segments, the glass segment is expected to garner a significant share. This significant growth of this segment is backed by the surging innovations in sunroof glazing that has lowered the overhead safety concern by providing efficient safety features and are highly capable of reflecting harmful ultraviolet rays. As a result, numerous opportunities for the segment's growth are expected in the coming years.

Our in-depth analysis of the global automotive sunroof market includes the following segments:

        By Product Type

  • In-Built
  • Panoramic
  • Folding Pop-Up

        By Material Type

  • Glass
  • Fabric

        By Vehicle Type

  • Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)
  • Electric

        By Distribution Channel

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Aftermarket

Global Automotive Sunroof Market Regional Synopsis

The Asia Pacific automotive sunroof market, amongst the market in all the other regions, is projected to hold the largest market share by the end of 2033. The growth of the market can be attributed majorly to the massively growing number of vehicles, as well as the surge in demand for sunroofs among vehicle users. For instance, in 2021, more than 50% of SUVs sold in India had factory-fitted sunroofs. Further, the presence of a strong automobile network in the region, followed by the escalation in disposable income in the populace, followed by the rising traction for passenger car accessories, followed by the presence of major key players, and increasing government initiatives for the advancement of the automotive industry are also anticipated to contribute to the market growth in the region. In addition, the growing demand for luxury vehicles is also anticipated to boost the market growth in the region during the forecast period.

Furthermore, the Europe automotive sunroof market is also projected to display notable market growth by the end of 2033. The growth of the market can be ascribed to the surging demand for passenger cars, which is leading to the sale of these cars. For instance, the count of passenger cars registered in the EU region exceeded around 260 million in 2020, indicating a nearly 10% growth over 2015. Along with this, the presence of notable manufacturers that are delivering technological advances. In addition to this, an increase in the adoption of more comfort features in cars, and a highly rising adoption ratio of SUVs have further been anticipated to push the market growth over the forecast period in the region.


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Top Featured Companies Dominating the Global Automotive Sunroof Market

      • Company Overview
      • Business Strategy
      • Key Product Offerings
      • Financial Performance
      • Key Performance Indicators
      • Risk Analysis
      • Recent Development
      • Regional Presence
      • SWOT Analysis
    • Inalfa Roof Systems Group B.V.
    • Webasto Group
    • Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.
    • Magna International Inc.
    • BOS GmbH & Co. KG
    • Corning Incorporated
    • Signature Automotive Products
    • Automotive Sunroof-Customcraft (ASC) Inc.



In The News

  • CIE AUTOMOTIVE SA has acquired INTEVA ROOF SYSTEMS, a company that specialized in designing and manufacturing sunroofs for the automotive division and is one of the global Top-3 sunroof manufacturers.

  • Inalfa Roof Systems Group B.V. developed an innovative central pop-up roof system that fits seamlessly with new customer demands in the automotive market. It has a large transparent surface for a spacious and light interior in combination with natural ventilation for a healthy interior climate and more passenger headspace.

Global Economic Impact

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Despite Inflation & Fearing Recession, Businesses Across the Globe Expected to Do Better in 2023:

In 2023, market players might incur losses due to huge gap in currency translation followed by contracting revenues, shrinking profit margins & cost pressure on logistics and supply chain.
Controlling Inflation has become the first priority for global economies from last quarter of 2022 and to be followed in 2023. With skewed economic situations, rise in interest rate by governments to control spending and inflation, spiked oil and gas prices, high inflation, geo-political issues including U.S. & China trade war, Russia-Ukraine conflict to intensify the global economic issues.
The interest rates in the U.S. may be less sensitive in 2023 as compared to 2022; sigh of relief for businesses. Positive business sentiments, healthy business balance sheets, growth in construction spending (private construction value in 2022 stood at $1,429.2 billion, 11.7 percent (±1.0 percent) above the $1,279.5 billion spent in 2021, Residential construction in 2022 was $899.1 billion, up by 13.3 percent (±2.1 percent) from $793.7 billion in 2021, non-residential construction touched $530.1 billion, 9.1 percent (±1.0 percent) above the $485.8 billion in 2021.) showcases minimal impact of recession in the country.
Similarly, spiked spending in the European and major Asia economics including, India, China & Japan to showcase less impact on the global demand.

Key Questions Answered in the Report

1) What are the major factors driving the growth of the automotive sunroof market?

Ans: Rising demand for luxury cars as well as growing automotive sunroofs sales along with a surge in the automotive R&D expenditure are some of the major factors anticipated to drive the growth of the market.

2) What would be the CAGR of automotive sunroof market over the forecast period?

Ans: The market is anticipated to attain a CAGR of ~10% over the forecast period, i.e., 2023 – 2033.

3) What are the challenges affecting the automotive sunroof market growth?

Ans: Concern about turbulences which may affect the car's aerodynamics along with the high cost of replacement and repairs are some of the factors estimated to hamper the market growth.

4) Which region will provide more business opportunities for growth of automotive sunroof market in future?

Ans: The market in Asia Pacific is projected to hold the largest market share by the end of 2033 and provide more business opportunities in the future.

5) Who are the major players dominating the automotive sunroof market?

Ans: The market is anticipated to attain a CAGR of ~10% over the forecast period, i.e., 2023 – 2033

6) How are the company profiles selected?

Ans: The company profiles are selected based on the revenues generated from the product segment, geographical presence of the company which determines the revenue generating capacity as well as the new products being launched into the market by the company.

7) What are the segments in the automotive sunroof market?

Ans: The market is segmented by product type, material type, vehicle type, distribution channel, and by region.

8) Which segment captures the largest market size in vehicle type segment in the automotive sunroof market?

Ans: The electric segment is anticipated to garner the largest market size by the end of 2033 and display significant growth opportunities.

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