How does a Telecom Company deal with Competitive
Analysis and Benchmarking Issues?

A Telecom Company which was one of the prominent landline industries started facing significant losses as a result of the widespread use of the internet and mobile phones, and they sought to maintain their position in the telecom market when Research Nester assisted them in overcoming this problem.


The Story

A telecom company, to sustain the use of landlines in the market, developed its technology in the telecom industry. They aimed at replacing their traditional landline with a smart landline by combining the functions of smartphones and telephones. Further, they focused on reaching the most remote parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. They understood the needs of people and provided them with the best service. They aimed at reducing the price of the services, making them more affordable for every individual who wanted to avail themselves of them.

Hence to put a step forward towards home landline phones the company turned to Research Nester, which is one of the top service providers, leading in strategic market research and consulting. Over the course of 10 years, the company launched home landline phones as its business model. It was successful in reaching more people within the span of 5 years, and a tremendous adoption has been observed among people. The traditional landline services were expensive, however, the development of technology brought in by the industry has reduced the overall cost along with installation fees, hence further boosting sales.


Our Recommendations:

The introduction of home landline phones with modern features was a big investment for the company since the penetration of mobile phones was growing. Research Nester worked with the company to focus on developing home landline phones by analyzing the market condition and understanding the preference of the customer. A customized solution was provided by Research Nester in the form of a market study on Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America Home Landline Phones. The report provided by Research Nester assembled approximately 10 key players from Africa, Middle East, and Latin America home landline phones market. This provided a look into the intensity of the competition for home landline phones in the market.

Future Growth Prospectus

Research Nester team forecasted the growth of home landline phones for the year 2019-2033 in its report which worked as a road map for the company. The forecast established an ambitious plan that included finding a way to satisfy customer wants. The business was able to expand the use of these new strategies as clients responded favorably to them.


Challenges to be faced:

Taking the initiative to launch something new in the market is a challenge in itself. By engaging with Research Nester, the company got to know about the challenges it might face while entering into the Africa, Middle East, and Latin American home landline phones market. Overcoming the challenges gets quite easy when known beforehand.



Successfully replaced old traditional technology with modern one, and acquired the top position by reaching more homes.


Develop a 10-year plan to encompass numerous strategies in the field of home landline phones.


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