How a smart devices manufacturer enhanced the marketing strategies to reach out to target customers?

A smart devices manufacturer is developing devices with state-of-the-art qualities and features. Although, company executives realized that marketing strategies are not up to the mark and need an upgradation. The company executives turned to Research Nester for help and an exact idea of effective marketing procedures.


An overview:


A leading smart device manufacturer from the United States, who has already made a positive impact on the customers. The company has experienced a major setback due to an obsolete marketing strategy.


The organization had a goal to increase its market share by further 2% by the end of 2022 and aimed to place itself at the highest position.


Research Nester offered a blueprint for effective marketing, which helped the company in reaching out to the target customers and make them aware of the product.



With the use of an effective marketing strategy, Research Nester could make an effective marketing strategy for the company. This helped the company in raising its productivity and saving money. The company is able to develop effective planning for marketing and raise its market share to 12% during CY2022 from its earlier share of 9% in CY2021, an increase of about 3% in these years. The company also got benefits in reducing marketing costs yet getting a high yield.

The Story

Research Nester found that there is approximately USD 611 billion each year lost on poorly targeted digital marketing campaigns. The team realized that the company is lagging behind and facing issues such as:

  • Company is unable to elucidate the product or service
  • Also, there is a loss commercial department
  • Invisibility of the business
  • Problems with the price of the product
  • There is a communication gap between the sales department and the marketing

The Solution:

The Research Nester team found that 73% of the B2B marketers and 71% of B2C marketers utilize content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. The team made a blueprint for successful marketing consisting of the following points:

  • Determining the target audience
  • Develop your strategy
  • Make it customized
  • Start collaborating with the influencers
  • Start helping customers in solving the problems
  • Utilization of big data to target customers

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