How has a semiconductor chip manufacturer upgraded itself according to the latest innovations & increased its demand in the market

The leading company is consistently offering design services and has experience in building good partnerships with its customers. The company is experiencing that it needs to upgrade itself according to the latest trends. The market player executives go to Research Nester to seek out help in obtaining solutions.


An overview:


A prominent semiconductor chip manufacturer from the United States, having a remarkable market share, wants to upgrade itself and raise the demand in the market


The company aims to increase its market share by 5% by the end of 2022 and reach to the top position.


Research Nester helped through its trend analysis strategy in finding out the solutions. This helped in making an impeccable strategy for upgrading the work scenario and giving state-of-art services to the customers.



With the utilization of the trend analysis strategy, Research Nester could understand where the company is lagging behind. This helped the company in upgrading its working and product delivery strategies. Further, the company could raise its market share to 15.1% during CY2022 from its earlier share of 10.1% in CY2021. The company also raised the demand of the product by 11%.

The Story

Research Nester found that there are approximately 1.151 trillion semiconductor units were shipped in the last years. Furthermore, devices such as mobile phones, television, refrigerator, cars, etc. consist of advanced semiconductor chips. The team found out that the following appliances consist of the number of chips-

  • - Car: 1400-1500
  • - Cell phones: Almost 6 wireless radio chips
  • - CPUs: Two to Four cores
  • - Laptops: One to four chips

Here, owing to the advent of the latest technologies, the company is incapable of keeping up with the pace. This is also causing a drop in the demand for the product. The competitive analysis and benchmarking is helpful in comparing the standard of the product.

The Solution:

Research Nester used its trend analysis strategy and found various notable trends need to be incorporated.

  • - The SoC (system on a chip) is the newest type which is in high demand and applied to any computing task.
  • - Growing shift towards the arm architecture instead of x86
  • - Developing smart building products utilizing IoT

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