How an Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Construction firm introduced new product profile and observed Increased Demand ?

An infrastructure, manufacturing, and construction startup after being in the industry for more than a decade, started their new venture of manufacturing. As a result of the already existing competitors in the market resulted in the loss of the company’s investment. The company leadership realized that they need to upgrade according to the latest ongoing market trends. The company reached out to Research Nester for solving their problem and enhancing their growth.


An overview:


A well-established Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and construction company from the United States, expanded its business by starting its new venture.


The company without assessing the latest market trends jumped into the market and due to a lack of the latest trend and market knowledge resulted in incurring losses.


To identify recent market trends that the company was not following, Research Nester used its competitive analysis and benchmarking consulting services solution. It has led to the successful implementation of a highly efficient strategy for improving working conditions and providing customers with better services.


The Story

The company was established in 2008 in the United States. It was one of the leading manufacturers in the market. After more than a decade, the company decided to start a new venture without setting benchmarks and thinking about the existing recent market trends, and identifying the possible challenges and competition in the market. As a result of this, it faced severe loss of investment. The company was not capable to beat the competitors in the market. This also led to the loss of demand for products in the market. Moreover, there was a loss of profits, margins, and resources as a result. After facing loss in the business, the company leadership came to seek help from Research Nester to solve this issue and keep the company’s profit afloat.

The Solution:

After its competitive analysis and benchmarking consulting services and solution, Research Nester realized that the company has not incorporated important market trends. Whereas, its competitors are going with the latest trend. This anticipated that the company also needs to incorporate the latest market trend so that it can stand in the market without incurring losses. To emphasize it further RNPL consultants offered its product analysis consulting services solution and also briefed on the opportunities and future trends of Digital Twin. Research Nester then suggested some solutions to the company which would help them to gain a position in the market. Some of the solutions suggested by the Research Nester were:

  • Developing protocol before launching any product in new and emerging market segments.
  • Identifying the plan of action of competitors and their potential activation level.
  • Analyzing the challenges which may create problems during expansion.
  • Stretching the geographical footmark.

To achieve the company's ultimate objective of achieving its business, it has incorporated these strategies.



Research Nester measured the company's current situation in comparison to its competitors by using a comparative analysis and evaluation consulting service solution. Analysts of Research Nester analyzed the weak point of the company and suggested some effective measures to get the company back on track and increase their growth. After implementing all the measures by Research Nester, the company could raise its market share by 18% during the year 2022, which was the highest it could have ever raised. The company was even able to increase its product demand. With more detailed knowledge of the market mechanisms and key analysis of developments going forward, it had been able to strengthen its competitive position and ultimately make a profit. That played a part in ensuring that its revenues were maximized.

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