How the Need to Explore New Applications in Regenerative Medicines Coaxed a Biotechnology Company to Work with Major Pharmaceutical Giants?

By partnering with Research Nester our customer desires to collaborate with large pharmaceutical companies and with organizations that conduct research and development to subsequently increase the market's chances for new entrants to increase revenue in the next years.


An overview:


The client deals with biotechnology and pharmaceutical products. They develop regenerative technology, neurosurgery, and orthopedic solutions for the extremities.


The company manufactures implantable living human tissues for use in cardiac and vascular procedures as well as supplies and refines them for incorporation into medical equipment.


The business is present in more than 40 different nations worldwide. The company has established five goals to direct its growth and make sure it keeps adding value for both the company and society.


With new entrants entering the market, the client expects to understand the revenue generation in the coming years.


Research Nester was bought to the forefront to formulate and explore new applications in regenerative medicines and to strategize a plan to work with pharmaceutical companies.


The Story

To restore or establish normal body function, regenerative medicine includes replacing or "regenerating" human cells, tissues, or organs. Regenerative procedures are used for organ growth in culture and transplants. Our customer was reluctant to invest in advanced regenerative medicine technology owing to the uncertainty surrounding regulatory procedures, clinical translation, and government reimbursement. The financial restrictions placed on research and development served as a roadblock to the introduction of new items to the marketplace. Given their longer operational histories and far superior financial, technological, and marketing skills, major market participants posed a threat to the corporation. Going further our client desired to expand cooperation for research and development efforts to show off potential growth opportunities so they could increase their sales by 5-6% and gain access to new markets.

Our Solution:

  • The goal of the Research Nester business strategy team was to analyze the new goods and increase market potential, therefore they placed more of an emphasis on research and development. Revenue would be generated as a result of the investments made to broaden product offerings and introduce new items to the market. The main area of concentration was the introduction of cutting-edge drug delivery systems technology for the creation of new goods.
  • Our team provided our customers with the most up-to-date market data and a thorough study of market dynamics with the help of which highly differentiated medications for critical diseases that aid patients and contribute to lowering the social and economic burden of disease on the environment can be developed. Additionally, the market insights concentrate on the region of high unmet medical needs and draw on its knowledge to identify solutions that improve health outcomes and materially improve people's lives.
  • It was suggested to establish a strategic partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company to expand the range of regenerative technology products, which included better wound care, neurosurgical equipment, and surgical instruments as well as the creation of cutting-edge surgical techniques, including robotic techniques, materials, biologics, and other products. These R&D and product testing collaborations are expected to assist the company in introducing innovative products and presenting fresh revenue streams.
  • Our team of experts implemented several strategies to aid our client in generating revenue growth, which also included a road map to expand the market for its current products and services, boosting tissue procurement and throughput, increasing yields of implantable tissue per donor, expanding the use of cryopreserved tissues as an alternative to mechanical and synthetic implantable products, and developing new products and technologies for both emerging and established markets.


  • Through Research & Development, our client was able to mark its presence in several therapeutic areas, which accelerated the growth of the company. To support market expansion recent innovations and applications were introduced. The company was able to sell its products in over 70 countries across the world via the company’s subsidiaries and branches or through its third-party distributors.
  • The business made acquisition investments of about USD 4000. These expenditures further aided the organization in establishing its presence in the marketplace. These expenditures, which assisted the company in expanding its product offerings and introducing fresh merchandise to the market, helped our client in increasing its revenue. These investments will further assist the business in establishing itself in the industry.
  • To better serve customers, the company shifted toward efficient business models and improved operational efficacy and productivity. New advancements such as stem cell technology which is used to address the increased incidence of chronic disorders was adopted.
  • In less than a year, our client was able to build a regenerative medicine production facility in Waterford, Ireland, where novel products for the treatment of peripheral artery disease are now being produced. In addition, the company split into different primary divisions in order to change its priorities to help shape its future and continue to add value for both the business and society.

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