How does a Wealth Management Company Alleviate its Product Analysis Challenges?

A Fintech start-up based in the United States has launched a new venture. After a year in business, the company suffered a significant loss. The company professionals approached Research Nester for assistance to keep the company afloat.


An overview:


The company was founded to provide wealth management services to help people achieve financial stability in their lives.


The company suffered a loss after launching its new venture in the market for a variety of reasons.


The company then decided to seek expert advice, and they contacted Research Nester for strategic business planning.


The Story

The company was started in 2018 to provide wealth management services such as financial and accounting services, tax services, investment advice, legal or estate planning, and retirement planning. The company officials decided to start their new venture in fintech. During the early years, the company was doing well. But as time passed, the company started facing losses for many reasons. One of the most important reasons for the loss was security and fraud. Being a technology-oriented service, it was facing security issues. Moreover, the service was also not maintaining regulatory compliance. However, the company was not able to retain its customers. The company soon realized that it would need expert advice to overcome these problems. The company officials then reached out to Research Nester to seek help and guidance. The consultants at Research Nester analyzed the problem and suggested some solutions that would help them regain their position in the market.

Our Solution:

Consultants from Research Nester analyzed the problem and suggested some strategic planning which may help them to make more profit in the business. To emphasize it further RNPL consultants offered its product analysis consulting services solution and also briefed on the opportunities and future trends of Fintech-as-a-service. Some of the suggestions given by the consultants of the Research Nester were-

  • First, they need to implement robust security measures to ensure that there is no possibility of cyber fraud.
  • They need to keep up with all the imposed regulations to ensure that there are no penalties or legal issues.
  • They need to plan an effective marketing strategy to draw in customers and keep them.
  • To secure funding and investment that will scale up their operation and maintain their competitiveness.

To adopt technological advancements like artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. All these suggestions were given by the consultants which the company agreed to follow and incorporate in their business.


Due to poor strategy, the company was dealing with a serious product analysis issue. Research Nester consultants created a strategy after analyzing the company's weak points. The company was able to turn a profit in 2022 by simply following the advice and strategy provided by the Research Nester consultants. During the year 2019, the company's business grew at a very slow rate. The company's revenue in 2019 was only USD 4560 million, and in 2020, it increased by a meager USD 4700 million. The company's sales reached USD 5550 Million in 2021 after the analysts at Research Nester put their plan into practice. The sales totaled USD 6250 Million in 2022. The re-planning and restructuring of the product analysis aided the company's rapid growth. The experience and analysis of Research Nester consultants assisted the company in getting back on track and regaining its market position. They implemented the best strategy and planning to assist the company in making a profit in the business.


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