How an Automotive and Mobility Manufacturing Company Reorganized its Services to Increase its Product Demand in the Market?

The leading automotive and mobility manufacturing company had been consistently offering product design services and had built up valuable experience in building good partnerships with its customers. The company’s revenue has been stunted with multiple competitors launching varied products. The company has since been experiencing a need to upgrade itself according to the latest market trends. The company executives came to Research Nester to seek help in obtaining solutions.


An overview:


A prominent automotive manufacturer from the Asia Pacific, having a remarkable market share, wanted to upgrade their product and services to raise its product demand in the market.


The company aimed to increase its market revenue by the end of 2022 and reach a high position in the market.


Research Nester helped through its competitive analysis and benchmarking consulting services solution in finding out the recent market trends that the company was not following. Newer products with novel approaches and product designs were in the market that consumers preferred. This helped in making an impeccable strategy for upgrading the product features and giving advanced technology in the trucks, cars, and vehicles to satisfy the customers.


The Story

This automobile and mobility manufacturing company was founded in 2001. It had a humble beginning but went on to become one of the leading companies in the Asia Pacific region. With constant changes and market trends, the company which once was at the cusp of success, felt itself strewn down the leaderboard. When multiple efforts to revamp the company’s revenue didn’t work, the company’s management approached Research Nester for their services.
Research Nester found that approximately 20,000 automobiles were shipped in 2021 and now the sale count has reached 10,000 in 2022, with a stunted growth. Furthermore, vehicles such as pickup trucks and trucks, cars, zip, etc. consisted of advanced features and strengths due to which it became a trustworthy company for customers. The team found out that the company partnered with different companies in the ASEAN region and initially increased their sale. But with the advent of the latest technologies, consumers’ expectations from the company’s products also increased, thus deeming the company incapable of keeping up with the pace. This was also causing a drop in the demand for the product. Cars with new digital technology like the Internet of Things and network connections are huge in demand. But the company is yet to embark on this product design leading to the company suffering from loss and needing to upgrade its products and services.

Our Solution:

Research Nester used its competitive analysis and impeccable consulting services solution and found various notable market trends that its competitors were incorporating. It was noted that these trends were still not incorporated by our client. Hence, the need to include and design products according to the current trends was considered extremely crucial.

  • The network connection and automatic sensors in the car are the newest types which are in high demand and our client need to add these advanced features to their products.
  • Growing shift towards the electric and strong metallic body with quality coating.
  • Developing smart building products utilizing IoT and artificial tools.
  • Implementation of automotive electronics components like the safety systems, and infotainment into the products will help attract more customers.


With the utilization of the competitive analysis and benchmarking consulting services solution, Research Nester measured the company’s current scenario in the market along with the competitors standing. Our analysts understood where the company was lagging behind and provided the company with an effective strategy to follow the recent trends that the company was not following to be on track. This helped the company in upgrading its working and product delivery strategies. Further, the company could raise its market share to 50% during 2022 from its earlier share of 40% in 2021. The company also raised the demand for the product by 11% by designing a diesel-based truck and partnering with the online market to increase sales. This increased the consumer base and sales of products eventually.


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