How an Automotive Dealer Management Company Incorporated Industry 4.0 Concepts for the Transformation in the Automotive Industry?

An automotive dealer management company despite being in the business for decades, found itself in the face of a significant loss in marketing management. The company authorities turned to Research Nester seeking its services for developing strategies for the successful implementation of new technology as part of industry 4.0 digital transformation.


An overview:


The company was in the business of automotive dealer management for its clients. Its client list included top automation providers in the world.


The company’s management system lacked the newer concepts used for better production of the product and marketing in the automotive and mobility market.


Although the company did everything under its realm the growth seemed stagnant.


The company authorities hence turned to Research Nester to devise a novel marketing management strategy as part of the customized research consulting solutions that would guide the company in the wake of digital transformation.


The Story

The Company, a reputed automotive and mobility with a strong market position detected the lack of solid marketing and operating management. With a paradigm shift for marketing and operational management taking place in the context of Industry 4.0, many recent developments in the automotive industry are translated into a transformation. The business environment is changing due to developments in the market situation, and internet technologies. Technological developments have led to a new industrial vision, which is characterized by the introduction of cyber-physical systems CPSS and the Internet of Things IoT into manufacturing environments. CIPs are intelligent machines, storage systems, and production equipment that allow for the exchange of information with autonomy, trigger action, and control on their own. These technologies are an important basis for developing new forms of customer and company interaction. A business environment integrating physical objects, machines, information, and human beings is set up by technologies that provide a basis for the concept of Industry 4.0. Research Nester analysts hence were bought to the field to help incorporate a near-fool-proof strategy for efficient marketing management. A detailed analysis related to the marketing and operating management solutions for boosting automotive dealer management was provided.

Our Solution:

The company’s marketing management and digital transformation efforts were not structured and implemented efficiently. This became one of the many hurdles in the growth of the automotive dealer management system and organization. Research Nester consultants suggested revamping the company’s marketing management practices in the following ways-

  • The first step is to identify blind spots in the management through data collection
  • Implementing and digitalizing existing production tools.
  • Conducting regular predictive maintenance.
  • Training employees with modules in digital transformation and self-adjusting machines.


The automotive dealer management company had a strong market position in 2022. By incorporating the strategizes as advised by Research Nester consultants, there was a gradual improvement in digitalizing the management systems. With digital transformation efforts in the automotive dealer management company, the profits of the company raised from USD 10 billion in 2020 to 17 billion in 2022. With newer ways to interact with customers, the company has been seen to deal with a large influx of clients and dealerships. The digital transformation and Industry 4.0 insights were rightfully implemented in the company’s marketing strategy through the detailed customized research of the Research Nester. Newer marketing goals and operational streamlining have also been planned for the coming years through this research.


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