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New York, a city of sky scrapers, where lofty buildings such as Park Avenue, Empire State Building, and One Trade Center are present? Have you wondered what gives these buildings so much of strength? Well, its steel rebar which is used to reinforce the strength and curtail the number of crack which may appear in the concrete. The demand for steel rebars is expected to thrive in the coming years owing to its properties of holding up the building. In this blog, let us discuss the grades, sizes and the types of steel rebar. Furthermore, we will also get to know about the steel rebar market outlook.

What is steel rebar ?

The steel reinforcements rebars are utilized in improving the tensile strength of the concrete. We know that concrete alone can not hold up to the tension. The rebar makes the concrete exceptionally resistant to failure by providing the tensile strength. The rebars come in various types, such as glass-fiber rebar, galvanized rebar, epoxy coated rebar, and rebars that are made of stainless steel. The steel rebar is considered to be the best rebar available in the market. The most beneficial quality of the steel rebar is that it is 1500 times more resistant to corrosion.


Steel is the ideal material owing to the following unique factors:

1- Compatibility with concrete-

The fresh concrete is placed on the formwork mold already prepared with reinforcement. The steel rebar does not float in concrete during the procedure of concrete placement.

2- Robustness of steel reinforcement-

The steel bars are robust in nature that they have the ability to withstand the rigors, the tear and wear during the construction activities.

3- Bent property of steel reinforcement-

The steel bars once manufactured to standard size, it can be bent to the required specifications. Hence, fabricated steel bars are delivered easily at the site.

4- Easily available-

Every region of a country will have a steel manufacturer or supplier. Hence, steel reinforcement is widely and easily available.

5- Recycling property-

The steel reinforced left over after the service life of a structure is recycled again and utilized for new construction.

Types of steel rebar :-

1- Hot rolled deformed steel bars

These bars are widely recognized structures and prepared in the factories. They are given deformations on the surface like ribs. These deformations are helpful in making bonds with the concrete.

2- Cold worked steel bars

These kind of bars are made up by letting the hot steel bars to experience cold working. During the process, the bars experience drawing and twisting. In fact, the procedure is performed only at the room temperatures.

3- Mild steel plain bars

These bars are used for in projects such as RCC work where tensile stress is high in cement concrete slab. These types of bars are used at the small projects where budget is not high.

4- Deformed steel bar

The deformed steel rebar is used for strengthening solid structures. Generally, the surface of such rebars have three types of shapes: herringbone, crescent, and winding. These bars have incredible adaptability and widely utilized in various fields as development material.

5- Prestressing steel bars:

The tendons or prestressing steel wire cables are comprised of various standards. These rebars have different wires of average 7-8 strand hectically spun in a strand. These wires have exceptionally high tensile strength and the wires are cold drawn.


Global Outlook of Steel Rebar:

The steel rebar market size was expected to be about USD 208 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to reach USD 273 billion by 2035. The growing constriction sector is the prominent growth driver for the steel rebar market. For instance, in the United States itself, according to the statistics by the United States Census Bureau, the total construction output in the country was recorded to be worth USD 1639.86 billion in December 2021.

In a nutshell,

We can conclude that the steel rebar market hold promising opportunities. Although, before diving deep in to the market, it is always prudent to know the essential parameters of the business. The team of Research Nester has meticulously prepared a research report incorporating imperative factors such growth drivers, market constraints, key players, regional analysis, etc. This comprehensive report will give you an answer of questions such as, which region is suitable for investment? What are the market constraints? and so on. The report also consists of the market segmentation which is useful to know the scope, types and end users of the product.


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