Butyl Glycol

A Chemical Holding Immense Opportunities

The chemical industry can be traced back to the artisans of the middle east. These artisans refined lime stones and alkali for the production of glass in the early 7,000 BC. Furthermore, the chemical industry became an independent branch during the time of the industrial revolution. One prominent chemical which has a myriad of uses is butyl glycol. It is produced through the reaction of ethylene oxide with alcohol within a catalyst. The global production of butyl glycol is projected to be between 300-500 KT per annum. In this blog, we will discuss various aspects associated with butyl glycol. Let us commence with the myriad of uses, the chemical has-

The chemical compound butyl glycol is a low-volatility solvent and can be used to serve various commercial and industrial usages. Some of the various domains where butyl glycol is extensively utilized are-


1- Butyl Glycol in the paint and coating industry

Out of the total butyl glycol produced, 75% of it is utilized in the paint and coatings industry. The chemical possesses low volatility which is used to improve the flow of the coatings. This helps in extending the drying times of the paints and coating.


2- Butyl Glycol in the printing inks industry

Butyl glycol has wide usage in the printing ink industry. The butyl glycol compound is used as a solvent in textile dyes and printing inks. Moreover, it is also used as a component of hydraulic fluids.


3- Butyl Glycol in the oil drilling industry

The butyl glycol ingredients are broadly used for cutting and drilling functions in oil extraction. In fact, the compound is an oil spill dispersant product.


4- Butyl Glycol in the chemical industry

Butyl glycol is also used in the production of plasticizers as a starting material. Whereas, it also opts as a chemical intermediate in plasticizers production.


5- Butyl Glycol in household cleaning

The compound is regularly used in most households as it is an impeccable home cleaning product. It provides very good cleaning power for domestic cleaning products. It also provides the characteristics of odor that we associate with many products.

The other uses of butyl glycol are written as follows-

  • Component in surface cleanser, for example, it is used to degrease metal surfaces
  • The component is widely used in making polymers & plastics

Butyl Glycol Revenue Analysis-

The sales in butyl glycol are expected to accumulate USD 4 billion by the end of 2030. There are various key manufacturers of butyl glycol that are making attempts to adopt different strategies such as acquisitions, mergers, collaborations, and strategic partnerships. These companies aim to widen their production capacity to meet the rising demand for the useful compound butyl glycol. For instance,

  • In July, BASF SE, a German multinational chemical company, declared its plan to expand its tert-butylamine capacity. The company is facilitating BASF Specialty Chemicals Co. Ltd in Nanjing China. This will enrich the company to increase the production capacity by 30%.
  • In August 2021, Sinopec and BASF expanded the joint venture at the Verbund site. The production capabilities in numerous chemical manufacturing units have been expanded to boost the product scope in the market.

Some of the prominent companies in the butyl glycol industry outlook are written as follows-


Country-Wise Analysis-

The North American region is estimated to notice tremendous sales of butyl glycol. Particularly, the US region is expected to account for nearly 28% of the sales in the year 2022. Moreover, the revenue generated by North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa, and the Rest of the World in the year 2021 accounted for 35%, 25 %, 32 &, and 8%. With the rising demand for growth and fuel crude oil prices, a remarkable rise in the production of gas and oil. For example, according to the report published by EIA (Energy Information Administration), the production of crude oil and natural gas grew from 10% in the year 2028 to 12.9% in the year 2019. The compound is extensively used in the production of gas and oil as oil slick dispersants.

Furthermore, there are various factors that are augmenting the growth of the butyl glycol sector in China. The region has rising construction activities which are bolstering the demand for butyl glycol compounds. It has been estimated that the East Asia region is expected to account for more than 30.1% of the revenue share by 2022. Other than this, the rising application in the printing sector to fasten the sales of butyl glycol in the UK. In response to this, it has been witnessed that there is a rise in sales across the UK. Moreover, the butyl glycol sector in the Europe region is anticipated to grow rapidly accounting for over 22% of the total share of the year 2022.

In a Nutshell,

Despite facing a few challenges such as stringent government regulation, harmful effects on the health of humans, and increasing commodity prices. The butyl glycol chemical is holding immense opportunities for entrepreneurs. As, it is frequently used in cosmetics, cleaning, and other industries. Recently, Research Nester has published a research report incorporating all the important details of the market.

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