Research Nester History

Research Nester is a consulting company that collaborates with ambitious experts to develop innovative market strategies. Through our intelligence platform we offer in depth analysis of industries and sectors that require significant investment. By aggregating data from sources we provide our clients with a holistic and enhanced understanding of the global landscape. Our journey, in this field has been extensive and enduring.

Our History


Ever since our company was founded in 2016 we have had an influence on the market research sector. We have successfully completed than 500 research projects with an impressive client satisfaction rate of 95%. Our insights have been instrumental in driving a 20% revenue growth, for our clients. Moreover, we have pioneered research methodologies that have enhanced data accuracy by an impressive 15%.


Acquired a number of clients, which has led to an expansion of our customer base by 80 individuals. Established partnerships within the market research industry in order to enhance our market experience. We have conducted surveys in, more than three regions to gain valuable market insights.


Our team has a wealth of experience in their areas enabling us to deliver top notch services to our clients. We have successfully served over 120 clients, including leading companies, across five industries.


We've worked with, over 1,200 clients spanning across 3 regions, which includes a remarkable 9% of Fortune 400 companies. Our services have reached an array of industries covering 8 verticals. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that cater to the unique needs and specific sectors of our clients.


Expanded our consulting services to include competitive analysis and benchmarking, as well as customized research and case study solutions for over 6 different industries. The 3,000 clients that we serve is a testament to the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of our consulting services. We also invested heavily in our team, growing it to over 30, which enabled us to expand our market intelligence services to 12 industry verticals.


We have established more than 20 partnerships with vendors and have built a client base of over 4,500. Consulting services contribute to 22% of our overall revenue. Our company has expanded its reach by setting up consulting offices in Japan, the UK and the US catering to industries, across five regions.


We offered our clients information and valuable insights that assist them in making well informed choices. Our achievement in serving more than 27% of Fortune 400+ companies demonstrates the effectiveness of our valuable services. Moreover, our team strength of over 100 individuals across both our office locations showcases our commitment, to delivering exceptional customer service.


Our company delivered 200+ strategic consulting solutions offering tailored solutions that yield market driven outcomes. Additionally we have the privilege of leading a team of 50 individuals in providing technical solutions to meet the needs of our clients.


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