How a Telecom Company Revamped its Infrastructure to Raise the Productivity?

A telecom company with a remarkable market value analyzed that there was a requirement to revamp its infrastructure. The lack of infrastructural upgradation was causing severe losses to the company. The market executives turned to the Research Nester team to get a solution to this.


An overview:


A leading telecom company from the United States, which had a remarkable market reputation was finding difficulties in revamping and knowing the infrastructural problems.


The organization was endeavoring to raise productivity by 2.2% by the end of 2022 and place itself at the top position.


Research Nester helped in finding out various upgradation that needed to be implemented in the company.



By utilizing the competitive analysis and benchmarking consulting services solution, the analysts at Research Nester could understand what was needed to be done to resolve the issue of the client. This helped the company in meeting the various requirements, to raise the productivity of the company. With the implementation of the suggested solutions, the market revenue of the company raised by 15% in CY2022 up from 4% in CY2021.


The Story

Research Nester found that the total amount of telecom revenue is lurching owing to various reasons. For example, Fraud is a major concern for the industry. Moreover, the team found that in the year 2021, global telecom revenue loss reached to a whopping 2.21% or about USD 40.4 billion.

Some of the factors faced by the customers have been found by the team of Research Nester as follows:

  • Poor customer service: According to the data studied by the team, it was found that one company reported a drop of nearly 50.2% in the call volume.
  • Hikes in rate
  • Problem in managing telecom inventory
  • Tracking and managing current and unused phone lines
  • Customer retention

The Solution:

The Research Nester made an extensive blueprint for the company which has the following steps:

  • Rendering the Omni channel customer experience
  • Understanding the customer expectations such as around-the-clock services, efficiency, accessibility to customer service, self-service options, etc.
  • Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in order to analyze data from network sensors
  • Giving personalized customer service experience through social media, chatbots, emails, etc.

Implementing these strategies helped the company in scaling up the telecom industry and gain profit.

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