How a computer software company seeks to combine real-time chat, AI for facial recognition, & other capabilities into visual collaboration platform software to make office operations more productive?

By 2028, our customer aims to offer effective collaboration and communication tools that would enable businesses to operate more quickly, efficiently, and effectively, thus relying more on visual collaboration platform software.


In a Nutshell


Our Client operates a company selling cloud-based solutions for visual work and visual collaboration. It provides several software connectors with programs like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365 to simplify workflows. Additionally, it provides visual collaboration tools that enable businesses throughout the world to collaborate creatively in real-time.


Through practical insights in a fast-paced market environment, we assisted our customers in understanding market needs and opportunities shortly.


The Story

Visual collaboration is a type of technology-driven workplace collaboration. It depends on individuals being able to work together while enhancing their comprehension and communication skills with the use of visual components. Visual collaboration options include simultaneous editing, whiteboarding, diagramming, screen sharing, sticky notes, text chat, video and audio conferencing, and an infinite canvas that can be scaled up or down. More people are using visual collaboration platform software as a result of the expanding worldwide IT industry. Visual collaboration platform software facilitates effective communication and cooperation, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently. Software for visual collaboration platforms helps remote and office-based workers better manage their time since users tend to be more engaged on these platforms.

Before working with Research Nester, our client was exclusively interested in enterprise clients. There was a need to include special functionality for particular users like contractors, consultants, or designers. Low monetary resources led to restricted marketing efforts. Security issues with cloud-based visual collaboration tools got worse. To increase productivity and significantly increase business agility, our client was seeking more comprehensive customer and employee experiences.

The Solution:


Research Nester collaborated with the customer to concentrate on developing a comprehensive portfolio of well-engineered products offering solutions for visual collaboration and content production.


Our client was recommended to form collaborations with several possible partners, as this may result in a quick increase in distribution and consequent development.


The team's study of each market sector allowed our client to add new features, such as engineering and operations, to increase value across crucial capabilities.


A secondary study by Research Nester indicated that social technology may boost interaction among employees and increase productivity by 20 to 25%.


Research Nester also provided a customized solution in the form of a research report on construction software to understand various factors and details related to the market.


The key objectives of the company's business strategy were to manage complicated systems, improve capital efficiency, and obtain real-time visibility into their operations. A series of collaboration tools were developed in partnership with Research Nester to mimic the dynamic nature of real office environments. These tools feature dedicated team channels and cutting-edge integrations for file sharing, document management, and workflow management.


We assisted our customer to transform its existing business processes to increase employee productivity, customer engagement, and business resilience.



Our customer was able to increase their user base by more than 10 million after teaming with Research Nester. In less than six months, the company established a significant worldwide commercial footprint and provided services to more than 10,000 businesses in more than 150 nations.


The company entered into new markets and partnered with various hardware, software, and service providers to design and deliver tailor-made solutions. Collaboration and partnerships with several prospective partners accelerated growth by improving distribution. Furthermore, our client successfully built a strong, focused product portfolio on educators such as private tutors, distance learning, and online educators.


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