How does a Singapore-based ERP software company aim to provide its best services to the customer?

A Singapore-based ERP software company venture ventured into advanced technology and found itself trapped in the market mechanism's incomprehension. Product analysis's dynamic tendencies were limiting its business growth. The company's management consulted Research Nester Private Ltd. to integrate efficient product analysis equilibrium strategies through technical and marketing innovation.

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The Story

The company developed the ERP solution to assist businesses from a variety of industries in effectively organizing their digital data. ERP software is renowned for assisting companies with managing their everyday tasks, including budgeting, project management, and more. The success of any business is thought to depend on management, which is supported by observation. ERP software, however, would assist businesses in expanding to enhance their businesses. Additionally, the company sought to offer SME businesses an affordable ERP solution. Small and medium-sized businesses are more prevalent in Singapore. As a result, the company carried out a plan to provide services to every SME business.
The company turned to Research Nester, a top service provider specializing in strategic market research and consulting, to take the first step toward ERP software. It introduced ERP software to its business model over ten years. Within five years, the company had a large number of clients, not only in Singapore but all over the world.


Our Recommendations:

Due to the global rise in cybercrime, ER software was the organization's largest investment. Working with the company, Research Nester concentrated on brand research for ERP software by learning about the major market players globally and examining customer experiences. The Research Nester examined 10 significant players to comprehend the ERP software market's competitors.

Future Growth Prospectus

The Research Nester team's report, which served as a comprehensive strategy for the company, predicted the growth of ERP software for the years 2019–2033. The forecast set forth an ambitious plan that included figuring out how to defend client organizations against various cyberattacks and giving them precise management solutions for everyday tasks. As customers responded favorably to these new tactics, the company was able to increase its use of them.


Challenges to be faced:

It's difficult enough to take the initiative to introduce something new to the market. The company gained knowledge about potential challenges when it enters the global ERP software market by interacting with Research Nester.



Successfully replaced outdated ERP software with a cutting-edge alternative, rising to the top by gratifying a sizable clientele.


Create a 10-year plan that includes a variety of ERP software-related strategies.


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