How a chemical manufacturer prepares for quality audits and increased the productivity?

A company with robust sales facing issues with an increased number of calls and quality audits. This is also hampering the overall productivity of the company. The leadership of the company reached out to Research Nester to find an efficacious way to eradicate this issue.


An overview:


A leading chemical manufacturer from the United States, who already had a history of prominent sales, found increased quality audits and lagging behind productivity


The organization is aiming to raise productivity by 3% by the end of 2022 and position itself at the top position.


Research Nester rendered its help with the use of various strategies and helped the company to meet the norms and increase the productivity


The Story

The company is offering a diverse range of bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals, and performance chemicals. Although they are making huge volumes of raw materials in production, the productivity is hampering owing to an increased number of recalls and quality audits. It has been observed that there is a substantial decrease in productivity. Lately, the company experienced this major setback and requested Research Nester to fabricate a robust plan, so it can pass the audits in one go.

The Solution:

All the chemical manufacturers are vulnerable to numerous government and other regulatory compliance. After exhaustively analyzing the strategies followed by top-notch companies it made a robust plan to meet all the norms in the audit process.

  • Research Nester suggested the manufacturers to capture data from operational processes precisely. By gathering the data from operational processes, in cases of recalls companies can remain prepared for it.
  • Research Nester also suggested the company to integrate traceability data across the business and this should be made accessible to various stakeholders during the quality audit process
  • For the purpose of product analysis, corrosion-resistant lab instruments should be used
  • To avoid any incident, labs need to be robust and companies must use reliable and robust tools
  • Testing equipment must offer high chemical resistance


By using various research strategies, Research Nester could understand the gap. This helped the company to meet the norms and helped the company to increase its productivity to 5% in the year 2022. Furthermore, the market shares of the company raised to 21% in CY2022 from 19% in CY 2021.

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