How a Wealth Management Company Regained Its Market Position by Resolving Its Digitization Challenges?

A leading wealth management company unable to change its digital strategy lost much of its client base. The firm provided financial planning and investment strategy, up until 2018, the company was witnessing a good growth rate; but with the ongoing digitalization, the firm’s inconsistent digital strategy and resistance to change became a major set for the company. To strategize its opportunism and regain market position, the company’s management hired Research Nester to create a blueprint for the firm to follow and manage its client acquisition through customized research.


An overview:


The firm is one of the leading private wealth management firms in the US with Assets Under Management (AUM) of around ~USD 345 million, up until 2018.


The company’s client base comprises of high net worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, affluent families, family offices, and institutions.


The firm specializes in a comprehensive range of tailored wealth management solutions.


Despite having a huge client base, the company faced loss, unable to comply with the ongoing digitization.


Today’s investors are digitally savvy and the need for a streamlined digital strategy was brought to the limelight with a dip in the growth rate of the company.


A regulation committee was set up by the board to investigate the ongoing crisis.


Unable to resolve the matter internally the company sought out Research Nester’s help to create a strategic plan to regain its market position and require its client base.


The Story

From a start-up founded by first-generation entrepreneurs in 2009, the company has grown into a world-class financial service. Through a comprehensive set of customized wealth management solutions, the company meets the need of high-net-worth individuals, wealthy families, family offices, and institutional clients in an extremely specialized and sophisticated way. Even though the company had such a large client base, its growth started to become static. The wealth managers faced challenges; On two counts, wealth managers are facing a challenge. In the first place, generational preservation of assets for digitally inclined investors with differing service expectations Secondly, incremental investment schemes adapt to changing customer needs. Furthermore, the going digitization and the company’s resistance to holding back transformational change, became a major setback for the venture, and the organization faced loss due to its inconsistent digital strategy. Moreover, the monetary tightening by central banks in the aftermath of the pandemic also affected the firm committee set up to point out the company declined net revenue. The key problems were discussed but to no avail. In this situation, the company’s management hired Research Nester to analyze the situation and provide a tactical plan of action for the company to follow to recover its client base and be back in the market competition.

The Solution:

Research Nester Analysts after a comprehensive study of the situation concluded that the company lacks majorly in its digital footing. Many of the major challenges facing the company can be solved by combining truly intuitive, personalized services with a smart digital strategy that relies on gamification and decision theory. RNPL analysts suggested the following key suggestions for the company:

  • Dive deep into understanding digital asset management, this market is in bloom, and with digital savvy investors come great opportunities.
  • Reduce the fee of consultation and increase transparency regarding its policies.
  • Automate and digitizes operations to attain comprehensive wealth planning.
  • Deliver customized strategies and complementary services.
  • Inculcate artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to enhance perspective.

Research Nester consultants further established key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarked the company’s metrics against those of its competitors. Based on the analysis and benchmarking study, conducted by RNPL analysts, the Fintech company gained valuable insights and was able to streamline its product development initiatives and address its pain points. Implementing the measures into its strategic planning provided the company with a competitive advantage and enhanced its growth.



The company adopted the strategies provided by the analysts and started to see revenue growth. In 2019 the company’s net revenue was estimated to be ~USD 147 million. After adopting the new age of digitization and digital asset management, the firm attracted many digital-savvy investors and increased its client base. Seeing the company trying to update to the market, old invest mentors returns. the company is still recovering its client base. but have regained some of its original stature in the market, and is still improvising its policies. As of March 2022, the company had total assets of ~ USD 1200 million.

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