How did a US-based Automotive & Mobility Company overcome its challenges with product analysis?

An automotive and mobility company after being established in the market for years thought of starting a new venture of steel innovation. But, the profit of the company was hindered by the many challenges such as capital and labor-intensive industry, logistics related, lack of technology adoption, and increased environmental concern. The company’s authorities reached out to Research Nester for help. Analysts from Research Nester analyzed the scenario and suggested measures to tackle the problem.


An overview:


The company after serving years in the automobile and mobility decided to start a new venture of steel innovation.


However, without proper analysis and study they launched the innovation and as a result, they were at a loss.


After a continuous loss and backlash, company leadership decided to take expert suggestions. It is when Research Nester looked into the matter and resolved the matter.


The Story

The company was established in 1980 in the U.S. It was one of the top most company in the market. In 2019, the company decided to launch its innovation smarter steel for the new world of mobility. They expected it to be the most profitable but things turned out to be the opposite because of a lack of competence, cost, environmental factors, and many other factors. The company was incurring losses to a great extent. Steel is one of the best products in mobility tuned out to be a major point of loss due to the disadvantages attached to it. To make it more complex, as the covid-19 pandemic hit, the trend of the market drastically changed. Moreover, consumers also faced many issues with the product and had a bad experience with it. All these issues become major causes of loss of investment. Research Nester helped the company to overcome this problem and make the business run smoothly with a good profit margin.

Our Solution:

The major fault of the company was poor product analysis. Research Nester suggested that there is a need for a change of market strategy and proper product analysis. The experts from Research Nester analyzed the whole situation and suggested some measures which need to be taken for the betterment and growth of the market. To grow the business with a good profit margin measures need to be taken. To emphasize it further Research Nester consultants offered its product analysis consulting services solution and also briefed on the opportunities and future trends of stainless steel. However, the analysts also realized that to grow a business with good profit the product should earn the trust of the consumers. If the consumers have faith in the product they can easily pay for the product without a second thought. The following strategies were suggested by RNPL analysts-

  • First, Specific objectives for the functionality and analysis of this product are to be clearly defined.
  • Second, to establish a dedicated and specialized team with the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze the product.
  • Third, clarifying the methodology of product analysis, consistently and carefully evaluating and improving it according to the needs of the products.
  • Fourth, documentation of all products to be analyzed for future reference and better decisions based upon analysis results.
  • Finally, to evaluate a product from the point of view of its users, to see how customers can experience and enjoy it in their way.

The company incorporated the above strategies to finally achieve its targeted business objective.


The company was witnessing diminishing sales during the initial months of 2019. The products were not meeting the expectation of the consumer. In the year 2020, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the business took a very small jump in sales with USD 7190 Million. To get the business back on track, the leadership of the firm acted upon the counsel and recommendations provided by Research Nester experts. The sales increased gradually to achieve USD 7630 million in 2021 and then considerably advanced to reach USD 7770 million in 2022 after re-planning and restructuring its product analysis techniques. The Research Nester experts' experience and knowledge helped the business incorporate the appropriate product analysis procedures. The startup was able to establish a strong market position and profitable development opportunities in this way.


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