Unraveling the Potential of Attractive Packaging

In the beginning of civilizations, packaging first started when people became nomadic because they required various ways to store, protect and transport food. Humans used to utilize fashioned leaves and animal skins to package their essentials. As humans started to dwell in bigger communities, the packaging evolved along with new ways of life. People then started learning to weave baskets by using plant fiber, fabricating clay pots, and making animal skins. In the later years, Napoleon Bonaparte rendered a humongous amount of money for an efficacious method to store food for the troops. A British scientist innovated a method of developing and sealing cans full of food. Furthermore, the paper box was developed in the year 1817. Although, when in the year 1890, prefabricated cartons were developed, the technology took off. With time, people started taking packaging too seriously and began choosing their products based on the packaging too.

A survey conducted by Research Nester found that approximately 72.3% of American consumers say that designs of product packaging plays an imperative role to decide their buying decision. Nowadays, a product’s packaging plays a vital role in pleasing customers. Some other findings of the survey are as follows:

  • 30.1% of businesses got an increase in revenue after improving product packaging.
  • Approximately 40.3% of consumers are likely to post photos on their social media accounts of the good packaging.
  • Almost, 52.1% of the consumers have altered their product brands due to new packaging design
  • Around 53% of consumers have altered their brand preference due to follies in the packaging designs.

Further, in this blog, we will read about creating value-added packaging. The superior product packaging is an essential aspect to fulfill consumers’ attention.

1- Enrich Customer Experience

A data finding by Research Nester found out that,

  • Approximately, 85.1% of consumers purchase a particular product based on colors.
  • 93.1% of consumers make purchases based on their visual appearance.
  • Almost, 80.1% of brand recognition is driven by color. It has been witnessed that the easier the brand is identified, the more confident the consumer becomes.

For instance, the preference for color plays an important role in finding out the customers’ interests. For example

1- White signifies purity, cleanliness, efficiency, or simplicity.

2- Black packaging signifies authority

3- Blue packaging signifies honesty and dependability

4- Red packaging shows action, liveliness, strength, and enthusiasm

Research Nester found out that 93.1% of the buyers focus on visual appearance. Hence, packaging is an essential element for consumer perception. Nowadays, customers are making unboxing experiences which makes the product more appealing for the customers. These preferences can result in the promotion of various brands and getting widespread awareness of your product. Several consumers are now preferring aesthetic packaging, efficiency of packaging material, and ease of opening. Packaging holds the capacity to make or break the experience of the customers. If the packaging is creative and consistent, it adds value in the eyes of the customers.

2- Rendering helpful and reliable information

The importance of packaging starts with giving the right information about the products to the people. Packaging is an incredible platform for sharing the story of the brand and imperative information about the product. It has been found in a survey that approximately, 74.1% of the consumers’ report honesty amalgamated with transparency in the product labeling, inclines them for purchasing more. It builds a good reputation for the product in the eyes of consumers. There has been rising consumer interest in sustainability and biodegradability, so the information about the disposal of the product, process of recycling, etc. adds tremendous value to the packaging. Various products such as food, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals are required to get specific information on their packaging. With the trends of sustainability, the consumer is able to connect more with the brands thinking more about this. One of the impeccable reuse situations occurs when supremely well-designed bottles and boxes are repurposed, sometimes as decorations or for aesthetic purposes.

3- Packaging reinforces the message of the brand

Packaging is able to add value to the products and reinforce the message of your brand strongly. These specific packaging eradicates the risk of being too generic According to research, approximately 30.1% of the respondents said that they believe that packaging conveys the brand personality. Some of the factors which convey the type of ideology your brand carries are:

  • Which color you are using for the packaging?
  • What kind of font is being used for the packaging?
  • What kind of logos are being used?
  • Is the packaging ensuring protection of the product?

After getting aware of the imperative factors related to packaging let us now understand the features of good and pleasing packaging-

1- Retail Requirements

Before commencing the process of design, it is important to understand the requirements of the retailers. The design teams need to understand the following points:

  • Shelf dimensions
  • Type of automated warehouse systems
  • Pallet type, material, signage
  • Rate of sale
2- Convenient

The good packaging is always convenient to use to take from place to place. The shape and size of the package must also be extremely convenient for the retailers. Some of the factors need to which influence the customers are-

  • Whether the packaging is easy to dispense?
  • Does the packaging is in good shape?
  • Is the packaging eco-friendly?
3- Preference of biodegradable packaging

The study conducted by Research Nester found that, approximately 86.1% of the consumers showed an inclination for sustainable packaging. The survey also found that approximately 15,100 consumers across North America, Europe, and South America are willing to do sustainable packaging of the products.

Global Packaging Market Analysis:

The global packaging and protective packaging market was valued at USD 1 trillion in the year 2021. It is estimated that by the year 2021, the market is projected to reach USD 1.8 trillion by the year 2035.

Wrapping up,

It can be witnessed that packaging surely does encourage the customer retention. Various example of companies harnessing the benefits of good packaging is Le Petit Trou, ANTHEM, Psi Bufet, Monokel, etc. Investing in research and development for making an efficacious packaging for your brand is indeed a sound decision to make.

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