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Is Our Data Security Really in Claws of the Connected World?
Our take on Preventive Measures to Combat Cyber Warfare

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The prevalence of computer virus is almost as old as the existence of personal computers. Even when the Internet was not into the picture, the virus was transferred to other systems via removable devices such as floppy disk. From what started as ‘self-reproducing automata’ and some as harmless experiments have now diversified into humongous armies of malware that are keeping the IT professionals always on a lookout demanding them to be always vigilant and ready for the forthcoming unauthorized intrusion that might attack their systems and networks at any given point in time.


With more than 5 Billion of fake emails sent on a daily basis, the demand for malware has amplified two to three times greater than its supply.


As much as we would like to think that we are protected with the information we share or put online, there is always a possibility of a loophole that keeps us worried and onto our toes. No matter how many protective measures we are taking, there is always a tad bit of security-related concern on the back of our heads, especially if we have experienced it before. Advancement in technology has also increased the amount of concern as being humans, we have a tendency to go after everything that the technology promises to offer (most of the times blindly and out of curiosity) and anything with trust like that comes with consequences and before we realize, it’s too late.


With everything moving to the digital world brings with it the downfalls that are rather turning profitable for cybercriminals. Day or night, these hackers are always trying to get into your systems, steal your personal identifiable information, your money and all kinds of your data leading to data breaches. Data breaches could further lead to damages that could cost you a fortune as well as compromise your reputation. Last two to three years have witnessed a gradual rise in the number of Data Breaches with a record of more than 2 Billion cases between the years 2017 and 2018, out of which, USD 3 Million was the average cost of data breach in 2017.


To avoid data breaches, organizations need to keep the attackers at bay and in case of invasion, getting the hackers out as soon as possible is the most probable solution!


Deep WebWhat do Clients Expect from their Service Providers?


With awareness and increasing cases of data breaches, the clients want to associate themselves with the companies that take extreme measures to protect themselves and the welfare of their users. It takes a lot of research and decision making before a client wants to invest in a business and to move forward is totally dependent on the credibility of the service providers.


According to our survey, more than 70% of the companies are safeguarded with only limited tools for cybersecurity because of inadequate funds. So, apart from spending an appropriate amount on effective security solutions, it is also the sole responsibility of a corporation to train their team with all there is to learn about cyber security through best possible training and set of skills which would help to ward off the attacks and strengthen its security system. This is likely to gain the trust of their clients as well.


Data BreachesSimple Steps to Prevent the Cyber Attack in the First Place

‘Nothing in Life is Free’ is perhaps true. We strongly prohibit connecting to open Wi-Fi networks or  installing one of those free anti- virus software on your system. Before you know it, all the private credentials or the information you save on your networks could  be compromised without your consent  or without you having any knowledge about it. (Not to fall for anything  that is ‘free’ does not imply to go for something with a hefty price tag either!)


Since cyber-attacks are persistent and always unpredictable in nature, we recommend you to stay cautious and alert with all the information and data you want to protect before proceeding to any offer, site, links or even if you are investing your money in cybersecurity. Apart from installing high-quality security software, we also advise you to make unique passwords and use secure URLs along with checking all your accounts that you access over the internet on regular basis. Also, take time and assess the situation instead of falling for tricks used by cybercriminals that could compromise your sensitive information. In case of any suspicious activity, take the required action as soon as possible!


What can we do to avoid it?

In this forever changing era of Internet comprising of around ten billion connected devices worldwide along with ever-present scenario of Cybercrime, the year 2019 is estimated to witness more of Automation, Detection and Combating tools


When it comes to technology, we believe that finding a solution to these cyber-attacks doesn’t completely solve the problem because finding resolutions is only going to drive the cybercriminals to come up with more ways to attack, this time just in the newest way. With our business driven approach combined with our expertise in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions covering endpoint detection, perimeter telemetry, risk alerts and management we have managed to understand the tactics and procedures along with the behavioral traits of cybercriminals via which we help our clients with defending solutions so they can stay one step ahead throughout the process of protecting their organization.


Since there is no permanent solution in this unpredictable field of cybercrime, Research Nester recommends opting for Viable Cloud Assurance via trusted Cloud Service Providers (CSP) where all your concerns regarding confidentiality, authentication and data security are met.


With the boom in technology and growth of cloud providers from more than a decade, we guide our clients to carefully select their cloud service providers keeping account of all the possible questions (levels of security, reliability, availability and safety of their applications and infrastructure) they have in their mind. The major cloud computing companies we believe you can rely upon are IBM, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, VMware, Adobe, Oracle, Workday Inc., Kamatera, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Symantec.


Safety is mostly in your own hands. So, monitor your online activities frequently as it is the best way to defend data breaches and only by staying alert we can enjoy the services that the connected world has to offer!



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