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X Band Radar Market to offer great opportunity by expanding at a CAGR of 3.49; USD 4.32 billion market in 2015

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Research Nester has recently announced its latest research on “X Band Radar Market : Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2023”, after studying the market situation and anticipating the future trends, the research provides a concrete platform for the existing and new players looking to enter into the market. The study provides information about market scenario of forecast period by analyzing the current situation.

X band radar technology is basically used for air traffic control at airport, wide range surveillance, and lots of defense applications. There are two types of X band radar systems used for different purposes. First is mobile X band radar (9.375 GHz, 3cm), the radar has a variety of applications like information related to tropical cyclones, cloud microphysics, hydrology and urban rainfall. Mobile X band radar is generally deployed at coastal areas. Second is sea based X band radar; radar is mounted on a floating tower attached in the sea. 

X-band radar market is expected to project a significant compound annual growth rate of 3.49% between 2015 and 2020. The market is estimated to be valued at $4.32 billion by the end of 2015 and is expected to uplift further in near future. The development and launch of several new satellites through different programs are expected to have a positive impact on market growth during the forecast period. Further, Americas is projected to account for the largest market share during the forecast period by expanding at CAGR of >4% by 2021. The market is further expected to receive positive movement with the increased global seaborne trade; expected to reach 24 billion tons.

A continuous up-surged trading through waterways to allow the implementation of X-band radars in ships and harbors in near future. 

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