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Investment Research

Investment Research Analysis

Investment Research

Research Nester expands its expertise and offers investment research and related services to industry players across the globe. Our investment consultants analyze the market dip and growth on regular basis, thus helping our clients to make sound, informative yet dynamic investment decisions..

Economic Research

Economic Research consultants forecast macro and microeconomic activity parameters crucial for any country’s economic activity like Trade Balance, Trade Deficit, Current Account Deficit (CAD), Population Growth, GDP Growth and Forecasts, trends in historical Per Capita Income and Inflation.

Commodities Research

Commodities Research consultants study the market drivers/factors to forecast the dip and rise in commodity price in the international market for sectors like Oil and Gas, ICT, Metals, Agriculture, Consumer Goods and Medical Devices/Equipment.

Portfolio Research

Portfolio Research consultants track the highs and lows in the international market to formulate and forecast future uncertainties for major equity markets.

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